Silas Marner 12

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  1. brebaje
    1. concoction, foul drink
  2. demacrado, -a
    • 1. gaunt, haggard
    • 1. Emaciated.Rostro demacrado -> wan, haggard countenance
  3. acritud
    1. acrimony (aspereza): harsh or biting sharpness especially of words, manner, or disposition
  4. holgura
    1. room (de espacio); bagginess, looseness (de ropa); play, give (entre piezas)2. comfort, affluence (bienestar)vivir con holgura -> to be comfortably off
  5. indolencia
    • 1. indolence, laziness
    • 1. Indolence, indifference, laziness; insensibility to grief or pain. (f)
  6. rugoso, -a
    adjective1. rough (áspero)2. wrinkled (con arrugas) (piel); crinkled (tejido)
  7. desgarrar
    1. to rip desgarrar el corazón -> to break one's heart desgarrarse pronomial verb1. to rip
  8. anonadamiento
    1. astonishment, bewilderment
  9. plañidero, -a
    1. plaintive, whining
  10. asir
    transitive verb1. to grasp, to take hold of asirse pronomial verb1. to cling (también figurative)(a to)
  11. aferrar
    transitive verb1. to grab (hold of) aferrarse pronomial verb1. (también figurative)aferrarse a algo -> to cling to something
  12. titubear
    • 1. to hesitate (dudar); to falter, to hesitate (al hablar)
    • 1. To totter (al andar), to stagger. (n)2. To stutter, to stammer. (n)3. To waver, to hesitate (vacilar). (n)Titubear en -> to hesitate to
  13. catalepsia
    1. Catalepsy, trance. (f)
  14. ilación
    • 1. cohesion
    • 1. Inference, illation, conclusion drawn. (f)
  15. desfallecer
    • intransitive verb1. to be exhausted (debilitarse)desfallecer de -> to feel faint from 2. to faint (desmayarse)
    • 1. To pine, to fall away, to grow weak. (n)2. To swoon, to fa (n)
    • 3. To weaken, to debilitate.
  16. fulgor
    • 1. shining ; flash (de disparo)
    • 1. Fulgency, resplendence, brilliancy. (m)
  17. atizar
    1. to poke, to stir (fuego)2. to stir up (sospechas, discordias)3. (persona)me atizó bien fuerte -> he hit me really hard; (un golpe) (peninsular Spanish) he gave me a good hiding (una paliza) atizarse pronomial verb1. (informal) (comida, bebida)to guzzle
  18. tizón
    1. burning stick o log
  19. viruta
    1. shaving
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