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  1. Es alto/a
    He/She/It is tall; high
  2. Es bajo/a
    He/She/It is short
  3. Es bonito/a
    He/She/It is pretty
  4. Es de estatura mediana
    He/She/It is of medium height
  5. Es delgado/a
    He/She/It is thin
  6. Es famosa/a
    He/She/It is famous
  7. Es feo/a
    He/She/It is ugly
  8. Es gordo/a
    He/She/It is fat
  9. Es guapo/a
    He/She/It is handsome
  10. Es joven
    He/She/It is young
  11. Es moreno/a
    He/She/It is brown (dark) skinned
  12. Es nuevo/a
    He/She/It is new
  13. Es pobre
    He/She/It is poor
  14. Es rico/a
    He/She/It is rich
  15. Es rubio/a
    He/She/It blonde
  16. Es viejo/a
    He/She/It is old
  17. Tiene barba
    He/She has (a) beard
  18. Tiene bigote
    He/She/It has (a) mustache
  19. Tiene el pelo (cabello) castaño
    • His/Her hair is brown
    • He/She has brown hair
  20. Tiene ele pelo (cabello) corto
    • His/Her hair is short
    • He/She has short hair
  21. Tiene ele pelo (cabello) lacio
    • His/Her hair is straight
    • He/She has straight hair
  22. Tiene el pelo (cabello) largo
    • His/Hher hair is long
    • He/She has long hair
  23. Tiene ele pelo (cabello) mediano
    His/Her hair is medium (length)
  24. Tiene el pelo (cabello) negro
    • His/Her hair is black
    • He/She has black hair
  25. Tiene el pelo (cabello) rizado
    • His/Her hair is curly
    • He/She has curly hair
  26. Tiene el pelo (cabello) rubio
    • His/Her hair is blond
    • He/She has blond hair
  27. Tiene los ojos azules
    • His/Her eyes are blue
    • He/She has blue eyes
  28. Tiene los ojos castaños
    • His/Her eyes are brown
    • He/She has brown eyes
  29. Tiene los ojos negros
    • His/Her eyes are black (dark brown)
    • He/She has black (dark brown) eyes
  30. Tiene los ojos verdes
    • His/Her eyes are green
    • He/She has green eyes
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