Review CPR/First Aid

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  1. Signs & Symptoms for heat stroke
    Hot flushed skin
  2. What happens if you wrap a bandage too tight on a victim?
    Fingers are tingling
  3. How can you protect yourself from blood born disease?
    Wear gloves when blood/bodily fluids are present
  4. Signs & Symptoms for spinal injury
    • Breathing problems
    • Inability to move areas of the body
  5. How do you control severe bleeding?
    Direct pressure
  6. How do you position a victim in shock?
    On back with legs raised 8 - 12 inches
  7. Signs & Symptoms for brain injury
    Nausea & vomiting
  8. Victim impaled by large object
    Dress bandage around object - do not remove
  9. How long do you apply ice?
    20 mins on - 30 mins off
  10. For the assessment of a victim what is the first thing you do?
    Check for responsiveness
  11. What do you do if victim feels chest pressure and pain doesnt go away?
    Call 911
  12. Proper wound care includes
    Using a sterile dressing on wound
  13. What do you do for a client who had a seizure?
    Put a pillow or coat under victims head
  14. What do you for a responsive victim who swallowed poison?
    Call poison control center
  15. When do you have an automatic victims consent for first aid?
    When the victim is unresponsive
  16. How do you check the victim for life threatening bleeding?
    Check for bloody clothing or pools of blood
  17. How long do you flush a victims eye for chemical spill?
    20 mins
  18. First aid for stroke?
    Put victim on back with head and shoulders slightly raised
  19. What do you do if you don't know if the victim's diabetes is too high or too low?
    Always give sugar
  20. Signs & Symptoms for bee sting
    Difficulty breathing
  21. How do you warm victim of hypothermia?
    Cover with blankets
  22. When do you call 911?
    Any life threatening conditions
  23. What kind of medicine would a victim with asthma have?
  24. How do you dress a serious burn?
  25. Why would you move an unresponsive victim?
    Only if the scene is unsafe
  26. Why would you use a barrier device?
    To prevent the transmissions of infections
  27. First step of cardiac chain?
    Early recognition
  28. Which direction do you apply abdominal thrusts to a responsive adult?
    Inward and upward
  29. When using CPR an adult is defined at what age?
    8 years old
  30. How do you open a victims airway?
    Tilt head and lift chin
  31. How long are rescue breathes?
    1 second
  32. What do you ask a responsive victim who is choking?
  33. When is basic life support given?
    When a victim is not breathing
  34. What do you do for a coughing, choking victim?
    Encourage coughing
  35. What do you do after an AED delivers shock?
    CPR - start with chest compressions
  36. Where do you place your hands for CPR on an adult?
    • Center of breast bone
    • Midway between nipple
  37. When do you use recovery position on a victim?
    If they are unresponsive and breathing
  38. What is the depth of chest compressions?
    • 1.5 - 2 inches
    • 3rd of the way
  39. How many compressions to breaths?
    30 / 2
  40. Hand position for choking adult?
    Just above the navel
  41. When do you give rescue breaths for a victim?
    When they are not breathing...
  42. How can you reduce the risk of a victim vomiting?
    Do not blow too hard, when giving rescue breaths.
  43. Reason to stop CPR
    Professional help or another CPR trained person can take over
  44. How many compressions per minute?
    100 (Staying Alive)
  45. How does an AED work?
    By restoring normal rythm
  46. What do you do for an unresponsive choking adult?
  47. To use an AED on victim how you place the victim?
    On their back
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