Art History Mesoamerican

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    • Teotihuacan
    • View of the Street of the Dead with the Pyramid of the Sun
    • Mexico
    • 100 BCE - 200 CE
    • Pyramid of the Moon
    • 200 CE
    • Teotihuacan
    • Pyramid of the Sun
    • Geomantic orientation occurs on June 21, when the sun, and its zenith sets over the pyramid
    • The distinctive construction of the pyramids consisted
    • of a base or talud that was angled to support the tablero or wall
    • plate, which was plastered and painted. This method of construction is rarely
    • found outside of Teotihuacán.
    • *Only see this in mesoamerica, never
    • again. Used up a lot of natural resources to make these buildings and burned
    • limestone to cover the buildings, etc.*
    • Maya Culture
    • North Acropolis
    • Tikal, Guatemala
    • 700 CE
    • Pyramid I
    • Tikal
    • 700 CE
    • 154' High
    • Burial Structure of Hasaw Chan K'awil
    • Castillo, Chichen Itza
    • 900-1000 CE

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