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    • Iktinus and Kallicrates
    • The Parthenon
    • Athens
    • 447-438 BCE
    • Optical refinements of a Greek Temple
    • This distorted view of the Parthenon shows in
    • exaggeration the “optical refinements” of a Greek temple. Note the bowed stylobate and the
    • inclined walls and columns. The
    • building seems almost elastic in its properties.
    • Corner Problem
    • This diagram shows the solutions to the corner problem,
    • altering either the triglyphs and metopes or
    • changing the intercolumniation so that the discipline of centering a triglyph over
    • every other column was maintained for aesthetic reasons.
    • Mnesikles
    • Erechtheion
    • View form the South-East
    • Athens
    • 430-405 BCE
    • Erechtheum
    • Kallicrates
    • Mnesicles and others
    • Athens
    • 421-406 BCE
    • Crayatid porch
  1. Ionic Capital
    • Greek House on the agora in Athens
    • 4th Century BCE
    • Anetroom and andron
    • Villa of Good Fortune
    • Olynthus
    • Decorated in black and white pebble mosaic

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