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  1. Why did the Han organize their gov the way they did?
    • Leaders (Gaozu & Wudi) knew prob that Shang and Qin faced
    • Shang gave land to aristocrats and they became powerful nobles who challenged emperor
    • This weekend emperor
    • Qin was oppressive & autocratic
    • People didn't trust gov that relied on legalist ideas and what ever emperor wanted was correct
    • Han distributed power to China but not based on birth, based on test
    • Han- everyone followed same set of rules
    • Han emperors retained control over country because they could remove officers, governors, and punished them or moved them to different areas
    • Since all officers were to follow rules of Confucius, people had greater trust that gov would be more than Qin was
  2. Dates For...
    Han Dynasty Ends-
    Qin Dynasty-
    Zhou Dynasty Begins-
    Sidartha starts Buddhism-
    Beggining of Islam-
    Confucious Dies-
    End of Pax Romana-
    Roman Republic-
    • = 3 BC
    • = 3 BC
    • = 12 BC
    • = 6 BC
    • = 6
    • = 5 BC
    • = 2
    • = 6 BC
  3. Founder of Qin
    Shi Huangdi
  4. China's joy, China's sorrow
    Huang He
  5. Fertile soil found in Huang He Valley
  6. Most Enduring dynasty lasting 900 years
  7. A collection of Zhou writings including poetry, history, and Confucian thought. Used for examination.
    Five Classics
  8. Government in which the ruler held total power
  9. River in northern China that floods often but provides water for agriculture
    Huang He
  10. Cattle bones and tortoise shells used to fortell the future
    Oracle bones
  11. Period known for large bronze vessels, writing, art from jade, ivory and bone, and calendar
  12. Dynasty that saw development of Confucionism, Doaism, and Legalism
  13. China's first historic dynasty that lasted until 1122 BC
  14. Belief that gods determine who should rule China
    • Mandate of Heaven
  15. General who over threw the Qin and founded the Han Dynasty
    Wu Di
  16. Legendary dynasty from around 2000 BC
  17. Han emperor who established silk road
    Wu Di
  18. System in which workers administor the day to day business of gov
    Civil Service
  19. BELIEF THAT GOV SHOULD RULE BY SETTING A good example for citizens
  20. Belief that people should withraw from material wealth in order to live in harmonywith the universe
  21. Belief that people are untrustworthy so servere laws are required
  22. A collection of the teachings of Confucius
  23. Dynasty where gov officials were chosen by taking a test
  24. Form of Chinese medicine based upon Doaism ideas of energy flow
  25. Combination of Legalism ideas, Daoist philosophy and the morality of Konzi
  26. The greater vehical of Buddha that spread north from India. It allowed people to practice Buddhism without giving up family and wordly life.
  27. The lesser vehical of Buddhism that encouraged people to give up worldly life and live in monestaries
  28. Spent 12 years traveling in Asia on behalf of Han emperor. Credited for silk trading
    Wu Di
  29. Religion spread into China along silk road
  30. Founded by Mahavira, believes that to archive moksa you must follow ahimsa doing no harm to living creatures
  31. Founded by Laoiza, believes that everything in the universe follows a force behind all change
  32. Believes that desire is the cause of suffering and to extinguish desire one must follow the right view, intensions and actions
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