Biology: Chapter 1

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  1. Biology
    The scientific study of life
  2. Cells
    Structural and functional unit of living thing
  3. Unicellular
    Organisms consisting of single cells
  4. Multicellular
    Organisms consisting of many cells
  5. Tissue
    a collection of specialized cells and the substances they secrete that function in a coordinated fashion
  6. Organ
    A structure consisting of tissues organized to interact to carry out specific functions
  7. Organ system
    organs connected physically or chemically that function together
  8. Metabolism
    chemical reactions within cells that maintain life
  9. homostatis
    the ability to keep conditions constant, regulating internal enviroment
  10. asexual reproduction
    any reproduction which does not require the fusion of gametes
  11. gametes
    a sex cell, the sperm and ovum
  12. sexual reproduction
    genetuc material (gametes) from two individuals join to form a third indiviual which had a new combination of inherited traits. (genes passed to offspring)
  13. Adaption
    is a response that develops over time; inherited characteristics or behavior that enables them to reproduce in an enviroment
  14. Experiement
    to investigate how or why thing as they are in nature
  15. Scientific Method
    general way of thinking and organizating an investigation
  16. Hypothesis
    prediction; possible explanation; guess ( are not valid unless you test it)
  17. Theory
    Organized body of knowledge that applies to a variety of situation, has to be tested over and over, are not likely to be rejected
  18. Independent Variable
    factor being tested or manipulated
  19. Dependent Variable
    Result or change that occurs due to the independent, responding
  20. Control
    factors held constant for all test subjects
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