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  1. Enmity
    The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile tosomeone or something
  2. Perjuries
    • the voluntary violation of an
    • oath or vow either by swearing to what is untrue or by omission to do whathas been promised under oath : false swearing
  3. Impute
    To lay the responsibility or blame for some (oftennegative) action
  4. Variable
    • Adjective: Not consistent or having a fixed pattern;
    • liable to change. Noun: An element, feature, or factor that is liable tovary or change
  5. rancor
    --bitter resentment or ill will; hatred; malice
  6. Lamentable
    adj. that which is to be regretted or mourned
  7. sullen
    unhappily sulking
  8. Sojourn
    noun. a temporary stay
  9. Jocund
  10. Beseech
    to plead desperately
  11. Slander
    A false, malicious statement or defamation. As a verb: To utter false, malicious statements or to defame
  12. Entreat
    • can be transitive or intransitive) to make a sincere
    • request, ask to do something
  13. Rouse
    • verb--to bring out of a state of sleep, unconsciousness,
    • inactivity, depression, etc. or to stir or incite strong indignation or anger
  14. Abate
    • Retreat or become less powerful (usually referring to
    • nature). The storm abated, leaving the inhabitants of the shelter withonly a small leak and no flooding
  15. Valor
    noun -- personal bravery, strength of individual to facedanger
  16. Enjoined
    Verb: directed or imposed by authoritative order or with urgent admonition <enjoined us to be careful
  17. Prostrate
    lying face down
  18. Wayward
    • following one's own capricious, wanton, or depraved
    • inclinations, ungovernable, following no clear principle or law,unpredictable
  19. Culled
    • 1. Select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety
    • of sources
    • 2. Reduce the population of(a wild animal) by selective slaughter
  20. Woeful
    Characterized by, expressive of, or causing sorrow ormisery. Very bad; deplorable: "woeful ignorance
  21. Beguiled
    tricked (someone) into doing something
  22. Solemnity
    • (noun)the state or quality of being serious and
    • dignified
  23. Dirges
    N. funeral songs or tunes, or one expressing mourning incommemoration of the dead
  24. Tarry
    (verb) to delay or be tardy in acting or doing; to linger inexpectation : wait; to abide or stay in or at a place
  25. Presage
    something that foreshadows or portends a future event,omen.

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