SharePoint Development

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  1. The package and deployment system used to deploy a web parts or web page that uses custom xml files to define the package is called?
  2. Features are packaged within a _______ file (basically a CAB file)
    .WSP file
  3. Sharepoint has a custom XML language called __________, which is used to define key objects such as lists, columns, and content types.
  4. ____________ is the WYSIWYG editor for editing the XML that defines many custom sharepoint types.
    SharePoint Designer
  5. To develop customer workflows in Sharepoint you must learn _________ __________ _____________.
    Windows Workflow Foundation
  6. SharePoint can feel like many different types of programming at different times. What are those four types?
    • 1. ASP.Net
    • 2. Event driven customizations
    • 3. Declarative programming
    • 4. Workflow Programming
  7. Why use visual studio to package and deploy your solution?
    Because the solution can be deployed and retracted from an existing site if necessary. Visual Studio gives your solution the ability to put all of your application in source code files and play them back.
  8. What is the best application to write event receivers for SharePoint?
    Visual Studio 2010
  9. What 3 operating systems are required for SharePoint 2010?
    Windows 7 or Windows Vista or Windows 2008
  10. What are the views that can be used by different actors withing SharePoint?
    • 1. User (UI)
    • 2. Administrator
    • 3. Developer
  11. What is a site collection?
    A site container that has a top level sharepoint site in it and can contain any number of additional child sharepoint sites.
  12. Name 4 site templates in SharePoint 2010
    • Team Site
    • Blank Site
    • Document Workspace
    • Basic Meeting Workspace
    • Social Meeting Workspace
    • Blog
    • Group Worksite
  13. What is a site template?
    A template that can specify the initial set of pages, libraries and lists and other content that is available on the site.
  14. What are the four main types of items that can be created in a SharePoint site.
    • Lists
    • Libraries
    • Pages
    • Subsites and workspaces
  15. What is a SharePoint list?
    A list of custom data with elements that conform to a specific schema. ie List of contacts with items in the list that consist of name, phone etc.
  16. Name some of the list types available in SharePoint.
    • Announcements
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
    • Custom Lists
    • Discussion Board
    • External List
    • Issue Tracking
    • Survey
    • Tasks
  17. What are the three default permissions for a list:
    • 1. Full Control
    • 2. Contribute
    • 3. Read
  18. What are the default groups created in a SharePoint site
    • 1. Owners Administrators
    • 2. Members Contributors
    • 3. Visitors Read
  19. What are two types of pages that can be created in SharePoint?
    • 1. Wiki page - can be edited in a browser
    • 2. Web Part page - Web parts can be added to the page
  20. What is a web part?
    A reusable control that can be displayed in a web page and customized by the user of the page containing the web part.
  21. Name 4 web parts
    • 1. XML Viewer
    • 2. Page Viewer
    • 3. Silverlight web part
    • 4. Image viewer
  22. What is the parent of a site collection?
    Web Application
  23. What is an application pool?
    A unit of isolation in IIS that can isolate one web application from another. An appication pool maps to one or more worker processes creted by IIS in which to run your code. This can ensure that a site running cannot impact or access data in a SharePoint site running in another application pool.
  24. What is the TEMPLATE folder in SharePoint 2010
    The main place to which you will deployitems. This folder contains folders like the IMAGES folder where you can deploy images you want to use from web parts or application pages.
  25. What is in the LAYOUTS folder?
    The master page for the sharepoint server is located here.
  26. If you want to install your own application pages where would you install this?
    create a sub directory within the LAYOUTS folder and install there.
  27. How many types of receivers are there
  28. What are the 5 event receivers you can create in Visual Studio?
    • 1. List Event receiver
    • 2. List Item Event receiver
    • 3. List email event receiver
    • 4. A web (sharepoint site) event receiver
    • 5. List workflow event receiver
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