Biology Chapter 2& 3

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  1. Inorganic Molecules
    • 1.Usually + or - ions
    • 2. Ionic Bonding
    • 3. Small # of ions
    • 4. Non living matter
  2. Ions
    an atom that has lost or gained electrons, giving them a charge
  3. atom
    a chemical unit; composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons; cannot be broken down any farther
  4. ionic bonding
    attraction between oppositely charges ions
  5. Water Molecule
    1 Oxygen and 2 Hydogren atomsImage Upload 1
  6. Cohesion
    attraction to similar things; attraction between identical molecules
  7. adhesion
    attraction to different things; binding between molecules of different types
  8. Solution
    • consisit of one or more chemicals dissolved in a solvent
    • Image Upload 2
  9. Solvent
    a chemical Image Upload 3in which other chemicals dissolves
  10. Solute
    • chemicals dissolves in solvent
    • Image Upload 4
  11. hydrophillic
    • H2O loving; parts of molecules are attracted to water
    • Image Upload 5
  12. Hydrophobic
    • H2O fearing; parts are repelled by water
    • Image Upload 6
  13. Amphipathic Molecule
    Deals with molecules are are hyrophilic and hyrdophobic
  14. Heat
    is the measure of energy and how fast molecules move
  15. High heat capacity
    amount of heat necessary to raise the temp of a substance
  16. Heat of vaporization
    amount of heat required to convert H2O to vapor
  17. Acids
    substances that add more H+ to a solution, highly concentrated in H, lower the ph
  18. Bases
    substances that decrease the #of H+, lower concentration in H, higher the ph
  19. Ph Scale
    • Potencial Hydrogen
    • guage how acidic or basic a solution is in terms of its H+ concentration
    • Ph is important b/c organisms are adapted to certain Ph's
  20. Buffers
    pairs of weak acids and bases that maintain body fluid
  21. Organic Molecules
    • Always contain both H+ and C
    • Covalent bonding
    • Often Large with many atoms
    • Living Matter
  22. Covalent Bonding
    When two atoms share electrons
  23. Hydrocarbon
    Carbon chains and rings bonded to hydrogen
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