Immunity Lab

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  1. Study of Disease
  2. the casue of disease
  3. disease causing organisms
  4. spread from one host to another driectly or indirctly
    communicable diseases
  5. easily spread from one host to another (flu)
    contagious disease
  6. not spread from one host to another (tetanus)
    non communicable
  7. subjective changes that are not observable
  8. The _________ of a disease is the number of people in a population who devlop a disase during a particular time period
  9. The _____________of a disease is the number of people in a population who develop a disease at a specifc time regardless of when it first appeared.
  10. Only occur occasionally
    sporadic diseases
  11. condtantly present within a population
    endemic diseases
  12. occur when many people in a given are acquire a certian disease with in a relatively short time frame
  13. worldwide epidemics
  14. develops rapidly but lasts only a sort period of time
    acute disease
  15. devlops more slowly but is more likely to be continual or recurrent for long periods of time
    chronic diseases
  16. causeitive agents remains inactive for a period of time
    latent disease
  17. host devlops antibodies to own tissues
  18. Resivor of infection
    source of pathogenic organism that allows disease to perpertuate
  19. Inanimate objects such as toobrushes
  20. Contact Transmission 3ways??
    Direct indirect droplet
    • Indirect fomites
    • Direct person to person
    • droplet discharge -sneezing
  21. Vehicle transmission
    transmission of pathogens by a medium such as food water of air
  22. vectors
    • animals that carry pathogens
    • mechanical tansmission passive fly landing on your food
    • biological misquito transmit malaria
  23. nosocomial infections
    infections aquired in hospitaisl mrsa
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