Ecosystems and Ecological Communities

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  1. What is an ecosystem?
    Biological comunity and it's physical environment
  2. Why is it difficult to define or delienate the boundaries of the ecosystem?
    There are many new occurrences and new species
  3. List and explain three fundamental characteristics of ecosystems?
    • Structure- biotic, abiotic
    • Process- energy flow, biogeochemical
    • Change over time- disturbences, succession
  4. Describe the 2 basic processes that must occur for an ecosystem to function?
    Community, Population,
  5. What is a ecological community?
    All of the organisms in a ecosystem
  6. What deos the word trophic mean?
    Greek word that means nurishment for food
  7. What is a trophic level?
    All organisms in the food web that are the same number of feeding sources away from the original source of energy.
  8. What is an autotroph?
    Producer organisms that can produce thier own food.
  9. What is a Heterotroph?
    Can't make their own food and must get their food by consuming other organisms.
  10. What is a Herbivore?
    Organisms that feed on plants- members of the second trophic level.
  11. What is a Carnivore?
    Organisms that eat meat.
  12. What is a Omnivore?
    Consumes pants and animals.
  13. What is a Scavenger?
    Consumes dead organisms.
  14. What is a Decomposer?
    Organisms that break down other dead organisms.
  15. What is a Primary Consumer?
    They eat producers (herbivores)
  16. What is a secondary consumer?
    Eats primary consumers (carnivores)
  17. What is a food chain?
    feeding relationships
  18. What is a food web?
    Interconnected food chains
  19. How many trophic levels are possible in an ecosystem?
  20. What are keystone species and what are some examples?
    • Organisms that play a critical role in the ecological community by means greater than expected.
    • EX- Bees, Bats, etc.
  21. What is a indicator species and what are some examples?
    • Early warning of change.
    • EX- song birds, lichen, mussles, etc.
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