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  1. Image Upload and Image Upload are:
    of a class of compounds called:
  2. same molecular formula, different structures
  3. 2 types of covalent compounds:
    • molecular covalent compounds
    • network covalent compounds
  4. atoms of different elements held together by covalent bonds
    covalent compounds
  5. -compound of individual covalently bonded molecules
    -three dimentional network of atoms held together by covalent bonds
    • molecular covalent compound
    • network covalent compound
  6. ...contains the symbol for each element present and a subscript number to identify the number of atoms of each element in the molecule
    molecular formula
  7. ...shows the simplest whole-number ratio of elements in a compound:
    emperical formula
  8. network covalent compounds are represented using..
    emperical formulas
  9. ...shows linkages of all atoms in the molecule
    structural formula
  10. how are covalent bonds represented in a structural formula?
    lines between the element symbols
  11. ...lists the atoms present in groups to indicate connectivity between them:
    -does it convey information about the 3D shape of the compound?
    • condensed structural formula
    • no, only connectivity
  12. ...two dimentional representation of a 3D structure that can be easily drawn on paper:
    -bonds that lie in the plane of the paper are represented by:
    -bonds that lie in front of the plane of the paper:
    -bonds that lie behind the plane of the paper
    • wedge-and-dash model
    • lines
    • wedges
    • dashed wedges
  13. ...interpenetrating spheres represent the relative amount of space occupied by each atom in the molecule:
    space-filling molecule
  14. two common classes of covalent compounds:
    -can a compound belong to more than one catagory?
    • binary nonmetals
    • inorganic acids
    • yes
  15. ...consist of 2 elements, both nonmetals
    binary nonmetal
  16. Prefixes used in naming Binary Nonmetal Compounds:
    • mono
    • di
    • tri
    • tetra
    • penta
    • hexa
    • hepta
    • octa
    • nona
    • deca
    • dodeca
  17. common old names for some binary nonmetal compounds:(6)
    • Image Upload water
    • Image Upload hydrogen peroxide
    • Image Upload ammonia
    • Image Upload hydrazine
    • NO nitric oxide
    • Image Upload nitrogen dioxide
  18. -binary nonmetal compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon:
    -given special names, how are they named?
    • hydrocarbons
    • according to the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms in the formula
  19. 1.Image Upload
    2. Image Upload
    3. Image Upload
    4. Image Upload
    5. Image Upload
    6. Image Upload
    7. Image Upload
    8. Image Upload
    • 1. methane
    • 2. ethane
    • 3. propane
    • 4. butane
    • 5. pentane
    • 6. hexane
    • 7. octane
    • 8. decane
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