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  1. formula for hydrocarbon:
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  2. compounds that contain H and one or more nonmetals, and produce hydrogen ions when dissolved in water:
    inoganic acids
  3. how might an inorganic acid be identified by just its chemical formula?
    H is the first element in the formula
  4. -inorganic acids that are differ only in the number of oxygen atoms:
    -how are they named?
    • oxoacids
    • according the number of oxygens in the formula
  5. how are inrganic acids named?
    like binary non-metals, but without the prefixes, or by common names.
  6. Names and Forumlas of the Halogen Oxoacids: (Cl)
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    • 1. perchloric acid
    • 2. chloric acid
    • 3. chlorous acid
    • 4. hypochlorous acid
  7. Halogen Oxoacids (4, Br)
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    • 1. perbromic acid
    • 2. bromic acid
    • 3. bromous acid
    • 4. hypobromous acid
  8. Halogen Oxoacids (4, I)
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    • 1. periodic acid
    • 2. iodic acid
    • 3. iodous acid
    • 4. hypoiodous acid
  9. -naming oxoacids: suffix "ic" indicates:
    -suffix "ous"?
    • more oxygen atoms
    • fewer oxygen atoms
  10. common names of inorganic acids
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    • 1. phosphoric acid
    • 2. nitric acid
    • 3. nitrous acid
    • 4. sulfuric acid
    • 5. sulfurous acid
  11. species that carry a positive (cation) or negative (anion) charge:
    ionic compounds
  12. held together by strong attractive forces between cations and anions:
    ionic compounds
  13. most of these compounds are solids with very high mealting points:
    ionic compounds
  14. most of these compounds are gases, liquids, or solids with low mealting points:
    covalent compounds
  15. formed when an atom gains or looses one or more electrons:
    monoatomic ion
  16. -when an ion charge is written with an atomic symbol, is the charge or the numeric value is written first?
    -when otherwise describing the charge, is the charge or the numeric value written first?
    • -the value
    • -the charge
  17. most main group elements form monoatomic ions, true of false?
  18. -group 1A, 2A, and 3A form ______
    -that have a charge that is ________ to the group number of the element.
    • cations
    • equal
  19. groups 5A, 6A, and 7A form _____
    that have charge equal to ___ minus the group element.
    • anions
    • 8
  20. what kind of ions do hydrogen atoms form?
    H+ and H-
  21. forms cations with charges rengin from +1 to +3; some form more than one monoatomic ion:
    transition metals
  22. group contains both metals and nonmetals; some form cations, and some form anions:
    Group 4A
  23. form cations with charges that are not easily predicted:
    • Group 3A, 4A, and 5A
    • (ther than Al)
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