Chapter 13 (1)

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  1. What are the divisions of the cerebrum called?
    Cerebral hemispheres
  2. What is the superficial covering of gray matter over the cerebrum called?
    Cerebral cortex
  3. What are the functions of the cerebrum?
    • Conscious thought
    • Memory storage and processing
    • Regulation of skeletal muscle contractions
  4. What is a fissure?
    Deep grooves that subdivide hemispheres
  5. What is a gyrus?
    A fold in the cerebral cortex that increases the surface area
  6. What is a sulcus?
    A shallow depression in the cerebral cortex that separates adjacent gyri
  7. What is the second largest structure in the brain?
  8. What is the function of the cerebellum?
    Coordination and modulation of motor commands from cerebral cortex
  9. What is the Diencephalon?
    Structural and functional link between cerebral hemispheres and rest of CNS
  10. Describe the diencephalon.
    • Almost completely covered by cerebrum
    • Between cerebral hemispheres and above the brainstem
    • Connected to midbrain below
    • Surrounds 3rd ventricle
    • Mainly gray matter
  11. What are the major parts of the Diencephalon?
    • Epithalamus
    • Thalamus
    • Hypothalamus
  12. Describe the Epithalamus.
    very small region on upper, posterior part of thalamus; most dorsal part of diencephalon; forms roof of third ventricle
  13. Describe the Thalamus.
    Relay and processing centers for sensory information; Forms walls of third ventricle, bulges in from each side
  14. Describe the location and structure of the hypothalamus.
    forms lower walls and floor of third ventricle, below thalamus
  15. What are the functions of the hypothalamus.
    • Emotions
    • Autonomic function
    • Hormone production
  16. What are some secondary structures of the Diencephalon?
    • optic tracts
    • optic chiasma
    • mammillary bodies
  17. What is the function of the mammillary bodies?
    Olfactory relay stations in the olfactory pathways.
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