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  1. State the purpose of the Condensate System
    Primary Functions
    • Primary Functions:
    • 1. Transfers condensate from the HW to the S/G for reuse.
    • 2. Preheats the condensate for greater overall plant efficiency
    • 3. Provides suction requirments for MFPs.
    • 4. Purifies condensate prior to startup.
  2. State the purpose of the Condensate System
    Secondary Functions
    • 1. Make up to stat or cooling water system (electrical generator)
    • 2. Provides seal injection to variuos condenser feedwater pumps.
    • 3. Makeup to Gland seal water tanks
    • 4. Flushing and regen water to Demin. Beds
    • 5. Exhausted hood spray
    • 6. Makeup to Aux. Boiler
  3. State the purpose and the capacity of the condensate storage tank including the Tech Spec minimum requirements.
    • make up to the condensate system on the loss of water inventory.
    • Supplies Aux feedwater
    • Initial filling and venting of the condensate system (secondary system and S/G)
    • Tank Capacity - 385,000
    • -has the capability to pump water from one tank to the other but is rarely used.
    • Tech Spec equal to or lesser to 240,000 gal to make sure there is enough water for the aux feedwater
  4. Describe the hotwells as to location, design, and level control.
    • Located in the bottom of the condenser
    • Main Condenser - excepts exhaust from the Low Pressure Turbines and the steamdumps
    • Condenser Vacuum- lcv 2-3 dumpback if lvl is too high. If the lvl gets to low lcv 2-9 will open allowing water to flow in via vacuum drag. Must be mantained in range to provide enough suction head for the hotwell pumps.
  5. Describe the Hotwell Pumps as to type, capacity, and power supply.
    • 6.9KV unit boards or 480V
    • 6700gm at 600ft total discharge head
    • centrifugal pumps, vertically mounted, 4 stage
    • mechanical seals - keeps water from leaking from the pump cooling supplied by gland seal water system
  6. Identify the logic required to be met before a hotwell pump can be started.
    • Start Interlocks
    • FCV 205 and FCV 210 or FCV 211 and FCV 216 must be open.
    • *one set of inlet valves and outlet valves must be open to establish flow
    • manual start only
    • Trip
    • automatic
    • loss of flowpath
    • electrical fault
    • manual
  7. State the purpose of the condensate Demineralizers
    • Removes corrosion products, radionuclides, impurites
    • 6 Demin tanks (only used during startup)
    • 5 have Demins (resins)
    • 1 is empty
    • chemicals are injected for pH & oxygen removal
  8. Identify the conditions which will require the condensate demineralizers bypass valve FCV-14-3 to be opened
    High pressure differential *(60PSID)
  9. Identify the two purposes for flow transmitter FE-2-35 and explain how its input signal is measured.
    • flow transmitter 2-35 (FE2-35) measured by the difference in pressure of the upstream & downstream tapoffs
    • 1.Used to control FCV 2-35 (condensate recirc. valve.) to ensure minimum of 5500gpm
    • HWP Protection
    • Ensure there is flow through GSC for HX and MFPT
    • Keeps demin beds compacted
    • 2. to clean up the condensate by removing oxygen
  10. Describe the condensate demineralizer booster pumps as to type, capacity, and power supply.
    • 3 ConDI Booster Pumps
    • Horizontal, single stage, centrifigul, 6700 gal TDH 150ft.
    • Located in the basement of the turbine building
    • 480V motors, 2 pumps are placed in service on startup. The 3rd pump is started at >70% power
  11. Identify the logic required to be met before a condensate demineralizer booster pump can be started.
    • Starter Interlocks
    • 1.) Suction valve must be fully opened
    • 2.)The suction pressure must be greater than 20 psig
    • 3.)No FW isolation signal
    • 4.)Must have addiqute Bus E available
    • 5.)Local push button must be reset
    • Pump Trips
    • 1.)Low suction pressure < 20psig for 3 seconds
    • 2.)Electrical fault
    • 3.)Main turbine trip
  12. Explain the purpose of the gland seal steam condenser.
    • Condense the steam leak off from the MT and MFPT seals and exhaust non-condensible gases to the atmosphere
    • 1 fan is running to keep at 22"-25" water vacuum. 2nd fan is on standby for 17" water vacuum.
  13. Explain how flow through the gland steam condenser is controlled.
    FCV 2-260 stays completely closed until 30 lbs of water pressure is reached. Then the valve opens to divert flow so that flow doesnt exceed 3,000gpm
  14. State the purpose of the steam generator blowdown heat exchangers
    removes heat from the steam generator blowdown so that it can be injected upstream of the ConDI.
  15. Explain how flow is ensured through the 2nd stage steam generator blowdown heat exchanger
    through a flow control orifice
  16. State the purpose of the main feed pump turbine condensers
    • to condense the MFPT exhaust steam
    • Vacuum is maintained by a 4" line connected to the condenser (connected to the main condenser)
  17. Identify the conditions which will cause the main feed pump turbine condenser valves to automatically close
    • If both pumps are running and one trips off the associated inlet/outlet valves will close while the 2nd remains open. If both trip at the same time then both sets of valves will stay open for both pumps.
    • If only one pump is running the last valve to trip will remain open.
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