Bio 1214 lab 3

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  1. Describe the basic plant anatomy
    • 1. root, which is USUALLY below ground
    • 2. the shootm, which consists of the stem, leaves and flowers, shoot is USUALLY above ground
  2. Where do most of the absorbtion from plants absorb from?
    The root hairs near the tip of the room, in top 15cm of soil
  3. Why is mycorrhizae near the top of root/surface soil?
    There is more oxygen near the surface, which is required for root respiration and growth of mycorrhizae
  4. What is mycorrhizae and function?
    Mycorrhizae(means "fungus roots") : Mutually beneficial relationships between such fungi and plant roots

    fucntion: rely on these for essential nutrients, helps plants grow
  5. What is the main functions of roots
    to absorb water and minerals

    keep plant anchored in soil

    stores carbohydrates
  6. What are the two genral patterns of root morphology
    a. taproots (ex. dandelion( that have dominant fertical root with smaller secondary roots

    b. fibrous roots (eg grass) that consist of a mat of threadlike roots
  7. How is each of these roots systems (taproots, fibrous roots) adapted to serve their basic functions?
    taproot penetrate deeply, well adapted to deep soils where ground water not close to surface

    fibrous root - shallow soils , places where rain fall is light , does not moisten soil much below surface
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