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  1. atrophy
    the wasting away or diminution in size or activity of a body part.2. to undergo this process
  2. Suffixes -y,
    identifies any condition or process—
  3. suffix um or ium
    means a thing
  4. the heart
    Coronary arteries
  5. ventricles
    lower chambers of the heart
  6. myocardium
    cardiac muscle surrounding each chamber
  7. pericardium
    (the double-folded layer of connective tissue that surrounds the heart).
  8. Types of Blood Cells
    Normally, a variety of cells are present in the blood. These include red blood cells (RBCs), called erythrocytes (erythr/o = red; -cyte= cell); white blood cells (WBCs), known asleukocytes (leuk/o = white); andplatelets, also called thrombocytes, which are actually tiny fragments of cells in bone marrow used for blood clotting.
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  10. Erythrocytes
    (red blood cells) are pliable disks that are concave on both sides; they contain the proteinhemoglobin (globin = protein), which carries oxygen to and from the body's cells through the bloodstream.
  11. leukocytes
    play a significant role in the body's ability to protect itself from foreign organisms and substances.
  12. granulocytes
    contain granules in their cytoplasm.
  13. pertaining to
    Graphic of suffixes meaning "pertaining to"
  14. Peritoneal
    pertaining to the peritoneum.
  15. pericardium
    another stabbing, burning, or cutting cardiac pain
  16. ischemia
    decreased (isch/o = holding back) blood supply (-emia = blood condition), and the resultant ischemic pain is a pressing, squeezing, or crushing pain.
  17. Suffixes Expressing Magnitude
    Graphic of suffixes expressing magnitude
  18. venule
  19. Myelopoiesis
    another suffix that means production

    refers to the formation of bone marrow or its associated cells.
  20. cardiomyopathy
    a progressive disorder of the ventricles.
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