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  1. Tetracyclines Adverse SE
    discoloration of permanent teeth
  2. labs indicative of infection
    culture & sensitivity
  3. linezolid(Zyvox) medication interactions
    Amoxapine, cyclobenzaprine
  4. Vancomycin toxicity and drug levels
    nephrotoxicity & ototoxicity,....over 50mcg/mL
  5. Aminoglycoside toxicity and SE
    nephrotoxicity & ototoxicity
  6. isoniazid(INH) and pyridoxine(Vitamin B6)
    drug choice for TB
  7. Rifampin(Rifadin) and oral contraceptives
    used to prevent TB, decreases effect of contraceptives
  8. antitubercular drug response
    reduces cough
  9. Malaria and antibiotic treatment
    • a bite from a female mosquito,...
    • antibiotic-primaquine
  10. Tuberculosis medication education
    take all meds at same time everyday
  11. Teaching with vaginal anti-fungal
    abstain from sexual intercourse till infection is gone
  12. Malaria phrophylaxis
    get immunization
  13. Isotretinion patient teaching
    dont take when pregnent, use 2 forms of contraceptives
  14. wound treatment products
    bacitracin, gauze, adhesive tape
  15. silvadene application
    apply topically
  16. amphotericin B side efects & administration
    • cardiac dysrhythmias, renal toxicity, tingling in hands or feet.....
    • administration- IV in most distal vein
  17. bacteriocidal medication
    kills bacteria
  18. antibiotic for UTIs
  19. quinolones SE, adverse effects
    fatigue, flatulence, rash
  20. Allopurinol and lab results
    used for gout
  21. voriconzole (Vfend) and assessment
    antifungal drug,.... vital signs,weight,hemoglobin levels,RBCs,CBCs
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