Dental Assisting mod 140 unit 4

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  1. Post are in ______ teeth?
  2. What kind of crown does not cover the entire tooth? Which surface are coverd by this type of crown?
  3. What are the most common type of provisional coverage used?
    Custom and Prefabricated.
  4. How far should a should a provisional crown extend beyond the margin of the preparation?
    It should not extend below the margin.
  5. What is the final step in cementing a provisianal crown?
    The provisional coverage remains stable, stays in place and is configer for patient.
  6. What is the most common type of material used in fabricating provisional restorations?
    Self- curing Acrylic
  7. What type of preformed crowns are used on anterior teeth?
    Polycarbonate crowns
  8. True or False:

    The occlusal surface of the provisional crown should extend above the occlusal plane of the natural teeth.
  9. Discribe how a patient should clean under the posthetic of a fixed bridge.
    When flossing do not po the floss into and out of contact. Once the floss is placed below the contact pull the floss through the contact to langual or facial side.
  10. Name the three types of fixed prosthetic.
    Crown, Bridge, and Veneer
  11. What surface do inlay cover?
    A portion of the occlusal and primal surface.
  12. Under what circumstances is a fix bridge recommended?
    When either one tooth or multiple teeth are missing with in the same quadrant.
  13. When is gingival retraction cord placed? removed?
    It is placed after the prep is completed And its removed before the final impression.
  14. What is the final step in crown and bridge process?
    Cementation of the crown and bridge.
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