SOC 101

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  1. the social contexts in which people live
    Sociological perspective
  2. group of people who share a culture and a territory
  3. corners in life that people occupy because of their place in society

    -jobs, race, gender
    Social location
  4. Anthropology
    • -tribes
    • -understanding culture
    • -more emphasis on artifacts, authority, and language
  5. Economics
    • production and distribution of the material goods and services of a society
    • choices of production and consumption
    • how everything is made
    • what they cost
    • how distributed
  6. Political Science
    • politics and gov't
    • how people attain ruling positions
    • how they maintain and consequences of rulers' actions
    • how gov'ts are formed
    • how operate
    • how related to other institutions of society
  7. Psychology
    • Experimental
    • intelligence
    • emotions
    • perception
    • memory
    • sleep and dreams

    • Clinical
    • therapists
    • abuse recovery
    • addiction
    • counselors
  8. Sociology
    See things as a whole

    • focues primarily on industrialized and postindustrialized
    • don't concentrate on a single social institution
    • stress external to determine influence and how they adjust
  9. Origins of Society- 3 main events
    • 1. Social upheaval of the Industrial Revolution
    • -couldn't rely on tradition to provide answers to difficult life questions
    • 2. Social upheaval of revolution (American and French)
    • -swept away existing social orders
    • 3. Imperialism
    • -exposed to radically different ways of life
  10. Auguste Comte
    • positivism- what holds society together?
    • what creates social order? anarchy? chaos?
    • what does society change?
    • Purpose of sociology- to discover social principles but apply them to social reform
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