Junior Horse Bowl Questions 4th-5th Grade, Set 1 & 2

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  1. Where is the hoof wall the thinnest?
  2. What is meant by malalignment of teeth?
    Improperly positioned teeth
  3. A pain originating from or referable to the gastrointestinal tract is called what?
  4. Adult bot flies are most active when?
    July until frost
  5. What is the most common name for ascarids?
    Large roundworms
  6. Born dark, black-brown, brown or mouse-gray, what breed of horse turns white somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10?
  7. In the horse world, what do the initials U.S.D.F. stand for?
    United States Dressage Federation
  8. What is a mare called that has never been bred and usually 2 or 3 years old?
    Maiden mare
  9. Hay baled with too high moisture content without preservatives will generally do what?
    Mold and/or get hot
  10. The most common legume fed as hay to horses is what?
  11. Why is a pig eye not desirable?
    The horse has limited vision and is typically more difficult to train.
  12. At what stage of growth are the horses hooves growing at the highest rate?
  13. Feeding extra (what) helps any horse generate more body heat to stay warm?
  14. Under normal conditions, how does the horse regulate its temperature?
  15. How many cheek teeth do horses generally have?
    Six on each side of each jaw on each side or 24
  16. What is often the only way to determine if back lower molars have hooks?
    Palpation ( to examine by touch )
  17. The American Miniature is a height breed and can measure no more than how many inches in height at maturity?
    34 inches
  18. The Lipizzan has become world famous because of its connection with what?
    Spanish Riding School of Vienna
  19. The foregut of the horse includes what?
    Mouth, esophagus, stomach and small intestine
  20. A green color of hay would indicate that high levels of what fat-soluble vitamin is present?
    Vitamin A
  21. Name the processing method where ground feeds are forced through a die under pressure and steam heat.
    Extrusion (extruded feeds)
  22. What happens to the "angle of incidence" as a horse ages?
    Becomes less
  23. What must be taken into consideration when fitting shoes to the horse's foot?
    Functions and movement of the foot
  24. What management practice is needed if a horse passes large particles of hay or unchewed kernels of grain in the manure?
    Teeth need to be floated
  25. A distinct red color in the urine is a sign of what?
    Bleeding in the urinary tract
  26. The entire life cycle from egg to adult of a bot fly is what?
    A year
  27. What may happen to a horse if a horse consumed blister beetles while eating?
    Become sick and possible die
  28. What Indian tribe became one of the primary methods of spreading the Spanish horses across the west?
  29. Dales ponies are native to England and were bred specifically for what use?
    Pack ponies
  30. How long doesfood remain in the stomach before passing?
    About 15 minutes
  31. On the body condition scorecard, a horse with a "poor" condition rating would have numerical condition of what?
  32. An insect that contaminates alfalfa hay is commonly called what?
    Image Upload 1A blister beetle
  33. When examining the horse's mouth, what are two defects to be aware of?
    • Parrot mouth (overshot muzzle)
    • Monkey mouth (undershot muzzle)
  34. What is defined as a mechanical technique to align and support the horse's stance or to change the timing of its gait?
    Corrective shoeing
  35. If the middle incisors of the upper jaw are so far forward that they do not contact the incisors of the lower jaw, this horse is said to be what?
  36. Hyperthermia is a term used to indicate what condition of a horse?
  37. What type of open wounds have torn rather than cut eges, may be irregular in shape and result in tags or flaps of skin?
    Lacerations or tears
  38. How often should young (less than 1 year of age) horses be dewormed to control ascrids?
    Every 2 months throug the first year of life?
  39. What father of an American Breed started life as a small rough coated colt known as "Figure"?
    Image Upload 2Justin Morgan
  40. What breed of horse is registered in the United States Trotting Association?
    Standard bred
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