HWC 204 Ch. 11

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  1. Jankin
    In wife of bath’s tale he was her 5th husband, only 20 years old. Hit her.
  2. Joan of Arc
    Known as the “daughter of God” she heard voices of angels telling her to save her country from the unending ravages of the wars. She was later tried for witchcraft and burned at the stake.
  3. Courtly Literature
    The outcome of medieval tales does not seem to be as important for the authors and audiences as it appears to be in modern literature. Often the outcome of a tale is told in the narrative’s prologue. In courtly literature the messages are not so simple to understand.
  4. Canterburry
    In the Canterburry Tales, the pilgrimage travel to Canterburry and back to visit the cathedral.
  5. Black Death
    In the middle of the 14th century a plague befell on Europe. The Black death was a very painful and contagious disease, technically known as the bubonic plague. The plague may have killed a quarter of Europe’s population.
  6. Babylonian captivity of the church
    Martin Luther attacked the seven sacraments of the Roman Church.
  7. Song of Roland
    “song of deeds” it is a long epic war poem sung in the halls of medieval barons. It is the story of the heroic death of Roland.
  8. Dante Alighieri
    Italian poet. Dante’s Divine Comedy was an epic poem on the afterlife; also known as Dante’s Inferno.
  9. flying buttresses
    An arched masonry support serving to bear thrust, as from a roof or vault, away from a main structure to an outer pier or buttress
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