HWC 205 ch. 6

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  1. Lord Byron
    a great Romantic poet and friend of Mary Shelley.
  2. William Godwin
    Mary Shelley's father. A political theorist, philosopher and writer.
  3. William Wordsworth
    a great Romantic poet that influenced Mary Shelley's work.
  4. Mary Wollstonecraft
    Mary Shelley's mother. She was a feminist writer, author of "A Vindication of the Rights of Women" which called for women's full inclusion in society.
  5. Prometheus
    The play Prometheus Bound, reflected themes that were in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Prometheus was like Victor in overstepping boundaries between gods and humans. The creation of humans and hubris was also in both stories.
  6. Clerval
    In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Henry Clerval was the childhood friend of Victor Frankenstein. Clerval nurses Victor back to health in Ingolstadt and follows in his footsteps as a scientist.
  7. Romanticism
    this was a movement that last from about 1780 to 1830. It was both a part of and a reaction against the Enlightenment. Although they agreed with the individualism of the enlightenment, the romantics complained that the Enlightenment's overemphasis on reason and progress had led the French Revolution into disastorous consequences. Romantics were fascinated by the suggestion of existence outside of empirical observation.
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