Promoting Mental Health in Peds

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  1. What are s/s of stress in kids?
    • stomach pains
    • headahces
    • sleep problems
    • bed-wetting
    • change in toilet habits
    • eating habits
    • regressive behavior
    • school problems
    • unable to concentrate
    • social skills (bullying, social withdraw, self-esteem, teasing)
  2. Autism
    • 1:2500
    • males more common
    • possible causes: genetics, toxins, meds
  3. Social Communication in Kids w/Autism
    • abnormal social play
    • poor imitation of others
    • lack of awareness of surroundings
    • lack of eye contact
    • impaired imaginative play
    • repetitive behaviors
    • deficiencies in communication (verbal and nonverbal)
  4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • most common behavior disorder
    • unknown etiology
    • 1/2 of individuals with ADHD also have: learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, depression, etc
  5. Risk Factors of Suicide
    • depression
    • alcohol and substance abuse
    • social isolation (victims of bullying, lack of friends)
    • friend that committed suicide
    • availability to guns
  6. Depression
    Clinical Manifestations in Infants
    failure to thrive, lack of bonding
  7. Depression
    Clinical Manifestations in Toddlers/Preschoolers
    regressive behaviors, aggressiveness
  8. Depression
    Clinical Manifestations in School Age
    decrease in academic performance, loss of friends, bullying
  9. Depression
    Clinical Manifestations in Adolescents
    lack of self care, changes in social contacts (peers or parents)
  10. Depression
    Clinical Manifestations at all levels
    increase sleeping and eating disorders
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