Junior Horse Bowl Questions, Set 5 & 6

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  1. Heat cramps sometimes occur in horses who are sweating profusely. Heat cramps indicates a loss of ( what )?
    Electrolytes (severe salt loss)
  2. What is the common name for strongyles?
    Image Upload 1Bloodworms
  3. The American Quarter Horse Association was formed in 1940 in what Texas city?
    Fort Worth
  4. The International Buckskin Association registers horses of four body colors. Name 2 of them.
    • Buckskin
    • Dun
    • Red Dun
    • Grullo
  5. What is the main site for nutrient absorption in the horse?
    The small intestine
  6. The minimum amount of long-stemmed roughage that a horse should receive daily is what?
    • 0.75 to 1 % of the horse's body weight OR
    • 1 % of the horse's body weight
  7. What cereal grain has been the preferred grain of horsemen for many years?
  8. An abnormality that does not affect the intended use of performance of a horse is called what?
  9. What is the ideal slope of the shoulder?
    45 - 50 degrees
  10. Which 2 types of flies feed by piercing the horse's skin with their bayonet-like mouth parts?
    Horse and deer flies
  11. A horse's age can be determined by the number of what?
    Number of teeth in mouth
  12. Adult cattle grubs are known as what?
    Heel flies or bomb flies
  13. Define floating
    Rasping off sharp edges on teeth
  14. Name the breed of horse recognized for its cow-sense and ability to cover short distances in an amazing amount of time.
    Image Upload 2Quarter horse
  15. Where di the Peruvian Paso breed originate?
  16. Gossypol content of what protein supplement is a concern due to a potential toxicity?
    Cottonseed meal
  17. A horse that chews wood is often an indicator that the horse does not have enough of what in its diet?
    Long roughage (hay, pasture)
  18. The width of the toes on the ground should be the same width as what?
    The origin in the chest
  19. What is a horse with too much slope to the pastern?
    Image Upload 3Coon-footed or weak pasterned
  20. What is the maximum recommended time for closing of a wound?
    Six hours
  21. Name the types of displacement colic.
    Strangulating displacement, nonstrangulating displacement
  22. Death of the skin in horses is called what?
  23. Of the 5.2 - 8 million hrses in this country, how many are considered senior equine citizens?
    1 - 1.5 million
  24. What color is indicated by a reddish or copper-red body color, mane and tail color usually same color as body, but may be flaxen?
  25. What leg marking is characterized by white color that extends half way up the cannon bone?
    Image Upload 4Half-stocking
  26. The cecum, large colon, small colon and rectum are also referred to what portion of the horse's digestive tract?
  27. Name the most economical source of supplemental protein that is fed to horses.
    Soybean meal
  28. What are two primary structural deviations that exist in the front legs when a horse is viewed from the profile?
    Image Upload 5Over at the knees (buck knees) and back at the knees (calf-kneed)
  29. What does the topline of the horse include?
    Withers, back, loin or coupling and croup
  30. What viral disease may be carried by the mosquitoes?
  31. How many incisors do horses have in both the upper and lowr jaw?
    Six upper and six lower - twelve total
  32. Controlling cattle grubs in horses is best achieved by?
    Controlling them in cattle to reduce the total population
  33. At what age is a horse considered old?
    20 years old
  34. Describe the color of a bay horse?
    Body color ranging from tan, through red, to reddish brown, mane and tail black; usually black on lower legs.
  35. What leg marking is characterized by white color that extends and stops just above the ankle?
  36. Researchers qualify the amount of energy needed by a horse in units called what?
  37. Name the condition where horses hook their upper incisor teeth over a solid object and pull back swallowing gulps of air
    Cribbing (cribber)
  38. To determine the age of a horse you must know the anatomy, physiology, form and function of what specific part of the horse?
  39. Describe the ideal withers?
    Sharp, prominent, and well-defined
  40. What stimulates hair growth of a horse?
    Shorter length of daylight
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