Chapter 4 part 2, meristems. day 4

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  1. Plants get bigger by...
    - cell division and cell elongation
  2. Meristems
    -area of unspecialized tissue

    -where cell division occurs in most plants
  3. Initials
    -meristimatic; ability for dividing cells
  4. Derivatives
    -cells no longer divide

    -forms special tissue types

    -"mature" cells
  5. (Meristem types) Apical meristem
    - apex or tip (root, stem, branch)

    - increase length

    -in youngest part

    -hebeceous plants (non-woody) and annuals
  6. (Meristem types) Primary meristems
    -next to apical meristem

    -cells both dividing and specializing

    - in roots and stems

    -form primary tissues
  7. 3 types of meristems
    protoderm, ground meristem, and procambium
  8. Primary tissue formed...Protoderm?
    Dermal- Epidermis
  9. Primary tissue formed...ground meristem
  10. Primary tissue found...Procambium
    Vascular- Xylem and Phloem
  11. Image Upload
    label them....

    • root camp
    • root apical meristem
    • proderm
    • ground meristem
    • procambium
    • epidermis
    • cortex
    • vascular cylinder
  12. Lateral meristems (cambium, secondary meristems)
    -inside of the plant

    -forms when plant is older

    -increases width or diameter

    -woody plants

    -older plants or perennials

    -forms secondary tissue
  13. Intercalary and basal meristems
    -within the stem or at base of stem

    -between the other stems

    • - in grasses, found at the base of plant
    • ex) Basal meristem is why we have to cut grass
  14. Marginal meristem
    -at edge or margin

    -add cells to outside of a leaf

    ex) explains why in spring leaves seem to grow quickly
  15. Floreal meristems
    -form flowers rather than leaves
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