Junior Horse Bowl Questions, Set 7 & 8

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  1. The microbial digestion in the horse's digestive tract produces great quantities of two things. What are they?
    Gas and fluid
  2. What part of the horse's body is particularly at risk for puncture wounds?
  3. Name two internal parasites that can lead to colic.
    • Large roundworms
    • Tapeworms
  4. The exmoor pony has roamed the moorlands of where for centuries?
    Southwest (England)
  5. What leg marking is characterized by white color from the coronary band to the bottom of the ankle?
  6. Many horse owners used linseed meal as supplemental protein source because it was high in what nutrient that prodcued a "bloom" or "finish" on the hair of horses?
  7. One megacalorie equals how many calories?
    1,000 calories
  8. Who is quoted as saying "The outside of the horse is good for the inside of a man."?
    Will Rogers
  9. Why are well-defined withers desirable?
    They hold the saddle on the horse without the need to excessively tighten the cinch.
  10. What is known as nature's "hoot conditioner"?
  11. In building a shelter for horses, which direction should the shelter be positioned?
    Away from prevailing winds
  12. Name 3 locations on the horse that are emphasized or considered in body condition scores.
    • Tailhead
    • Crease down back
    • Along the withers
    • Along the neck
    • Ribs
    • Behind the shoulder
  13. On hot days, when is the best time to do strenuous riding?
    Early morning or late evening
  14. How many times per year should an oder horse be dewormed?
    Normally 4 to 6 times annually
  15. Name the color of the horse with the following characteristics: body color a golden yellow, mane and tail white, no dorsal strip.
  16. Name the face marking characterized by a uniform narrow band of white hair that extends from between the horse's eyes and stops prior to the muzzle.
    Image UploadStripe
  17. In a typical mature horse, the small intestine is approximately how long?
    70 feet
  18. Horses should be fed by weight, not by what?
  19. What is the preferred age of a horse for novice horse owners?
    5 to 10 years of age
  20. What is indicative of capacity for reproduction and athletic performance?
    Spring of rib and depth of heartgirth
  21. What is the average growth of the hoof wall per month?
    3/8 inch or 1 cm.
  22. Name the three types of equine encephalitis.
    Easter, Wester, and Venezuelan.
  23. Free-ranging horses will spend an average of how many hours per day grazing if there is good forage?
    10 to 12 hours per day.
  24. Name the two types of lice?
    Horse biting lice and horse sucking lice
  25. Name the breeed of horse which is registered in the American Stud Book.
  26. What was the first association to be formed for an American breed of horse?
    American Saddlebred
  27. Name the face marking characterized by a totally white face and muzzle.
    Image UploadBald face
  28. Typically, the cereal grain fed to horses with the lowest crude protein content is what?
  29. Age determination is more accurate at what stage (young or old) of a horse's development?
    Younger horses
  30. Where is muscling visually appraised?
    Forearm, gaskin, and rear quarters
  31. The white line separates what two areas of the foot?
    The sole and the wall.
  32. An average 1,000 pound idle mature horse should be fed how many pounds of hay per day?
    15 pounds.
  33. When are the deciduous (baby) central incisors present?
    At birth or erupt during the first week.
  34. Puncture wounds almost always require the administration of what type of vaccination?
  35. What is the main responsibility of the Jockey Club?
    The maintenance of the American Stud.
  36. Name the color of the horse characterized by a body color yellowish or gold, mane and tail black; usually black on lower legs (usually does not have dorsal stripes).
  37. Name the face marking characterized by a small amount of white hair on the horse's muzzle?
  38. The large colon of a mature horse is approximately how long and holds how much feed material?
    10-12 feet and holds 86 quarts 21 1/2 gallons
  39. What is the greatest disadvantage of milk protein as a supplemental source of protein for horses?
  40. An unregistered horse is referred to as what kind of horse?
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