Chapter 3, cell division

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  1. Importance of cell division
    - growth, replacement, and asexual reproduction
  2. (Importance) Growth
    -make more cells by cell division
  3. (Importance) replacement
    -cells constantly worn off or die

    -repair wounded areas
  4. (Importance) Asexual reproduction (not sexual)
    - cloning

    • -some organism this way
    • ex) bacteria
  5. In order to make new cells some...(2)
    -split cells to make new cells same

    -copy nucleus and put one in each
  6. Centromere
    on a chromosome where chromatids are held together
  7. Chromatid
    one strand of a double stranded chromosome
  8. Chromatin
    uncondensed DNA-protein material that forms chromosomes
  9. Chromosome
    condensed DNA protein strands consisting of chromatin
  10. Spindle fibers
    -develop from poles or ends

    • -when centromeres attach
    • -cant always see spindle fibers

    -respinsible for moving chromosomes
  11. Mitosis
    division of the nucles; splitting of the nucleus

    -has stages; Pro, Meta, Ana, and Telo
  12. Cytokinesis
    • -division of the cytoplasm
    • splitting of the cytoplasm into 2 daughter cells
  13. (Mitosis) Prophase
    -getting ready for cell division

    -Chromatin material condenses into chromosomes

    -nuclear membrane and nucleoli begin to disappear

    -spindle fibers are forming
  14. Prophase (pic)
    Image Upload 1
  15. Metaphase
    -chromosomes form into 2 chromatids

    -centromeres attach chromosomes to spindle fibers

    -chromosomes move to cell center and line up to the middle
  16. Metaphase (pic)
    Image Upload 2
  17. Anaphase
    -Spindle fibers pull chromatids in chromosomes apart

    -new chromosomes move toward poles
  18. Anaphase (pic)
    Image Upload 3
  19. Telophase
    -chromosomes begin to uncoil

    -nuclear membrane and nucleoli begn to reappear in both cells

    -spindle fibers disappear

    -reverse of prophase
  20. Telophase (pic)
    Image Upload 4
  21. Interphase
    -chromatin visible as dark staining material

    -nuclear membrane and nucleoli visible

    -cell carries on metabolic processes

    -cells not dividing

    -longest phase
  22. Interphase (pic)
    Image Upload 5
  23. (interphase) G1 stage
    -begins when the nucleus has been divided

    -cell increases size

    -Ribosomes, RNA are produced

    -longest period
  24. (interphase) S period
    -DNA replication takes place
  25. (interphase) G2
    -mitochondria and other organelles divide

    -coiling and condensation of chromosomes begin

    -microtubules are produced for mitosis
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