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  1. jackson was the first president...
    • from the west
    • nominated at formal party convention 1832
    • w/o college ed. (exept washington)
    • part of frontier aristocrat, being courtly gentleman
    • had one of the finest mansions
  2. eaton affair
    • peggy eaton, wife of sec. of war, was shunned by other cabinet members wives, led by mrs calhoun.
    • will become between jackson and calhoun
    • aka petticoat wars
  3. election of 1828
    • more common people can vote
    • political power shifts west
    • wealthy loose political power to poor mass
  4. 4 major deveolpments in jacksons term
    • 1.) increased political participation
    • 2.) politics dealing w/ native americans
    • 3.) protective tariffs and nullification crisis
    • 4.) monster bank (economy effected everything in jacksons term)
  5. tariff of 1828
    • unpopular in west and south
    • jackson didnt like buy allowed
  6. tariff of 1832
    • higher than tariff of 1828
    • mid atlantic states supported
    • south carolina said theyd nullify and not pay, jackson sent military
  7. compromise tariff of 1833
    tariff slowly goes down over 10yrs
  8. election of 1832
    • 1st election nominated canadates
    • -henry clay (republican)
    • -william wirt (antimason)
    • -jackson (demo) 55% votes
  9. indian removal and removal act
    • almost finished by 1800s
    • killing, enslavement, and land theft became policy under andrew jackson
    • supreme court ruled in favor of indians, jackson ignored.
  10. banking wars
    • jackson moved all 7 federal funds to 7 state banks and out of BUS
    • said BUS was anti west
    • -controlled by elite
    • -autocratic and currupt
    • BUS last 2yrs then dies

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