history 3:4

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  1. Zhongguo
    "Middle Kingdom"
  2. loess
    fine windblown yellow soil
  3. Huang River
    "river of sorrows" bordering chinese heartland
  4. Anyang
    Shang walled capital
  5. clans
    groups of families who claim common ancestor
  6. Fu Hao
    wife of king wu Ding who had high status
  7. interacted
    was involved in communication, work, or social
  8. mandate of heaven
    divine right to rule
  9. dynastic cycle
    rise and fall of dynasties
  10. Zhou dynasty
    overthrew shangs because gods sent them to conquer
  11. feudalism
    system of government in which local lords governed own land but owed military services and other forms of support to the ruler
  12. Qin
    dynasty that emerged after Zhou
  13. Shang Di
    supreme god
  14. Confucius
    • "Kong Fuzi"
    • teacher who founded a religion to ensure social order and good government
  15. Analects
    Confucius' teachings that students collected
  16. philosophy
    system of ideas
  17. filial piety
    respect for parents
  18. yin and yang
    balance that universe depended on
  19. Laozi
    • "old master"
    • founded Daoism
    • wrote Dao De Jing
  20. Dao De Jing
    "the way of virtue"
  21. Dao
    "the way"
  22. oracle bones
    • animal bones or turtle sheels with questions to gods or ancestors
    • crack patterns=answer
  23. characters
    written symbols
  24. calligraphy
    elegant art of writing
  25. Book of Songs
    Zhou book with poems and love songs
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