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  1. Define Kinesiology
    The study of motion in the human body
  2. How many bones are in the human body?
  3. What system supports our structure?
  4. Musculoskeletal system is what two systems
    Muscular and skeletal
  5. Where 2 bones come together
  6. Connect muscles to bones
  7. Connect bone to bone, and organs to bones
  8. Provide support to our structure
  9. Sites of atriculation
  10. Name the 7 main functions of the skeletal system
    • Support
    • Protection
    • Assisting movement
    • Storage of materials
    • Production of blood cells
    • Stoage of chemical energy
    • Attachment points for muscles/tendons and ligaments
  11. Regions in the Axial skeleton
    • head
    • neck
    • trunk
  12. List the regions in the Appendicular skeleton
    (Upper extremity)
    • Shoulder girdle
    • arm
    • forearm
    • hand
  13. List regions in the appendicular skeleton
    (Lower extremity)
    • Pelvic girdle
    • thigh
    • leg
    • foot
  14. Whats the anatomical term for the direction of hand in anatomic position?
    Hands palmer
  15. Direction of Promixal
    Closer to trunk
  16. Direction of Distal
    Further away from trunk
  17. Direction of superior
    • (Only applies to axial body)
    • higher then, or above
  18. Direction of inferior
    • (Only applies to axial body)
    • Lower then, or below
  19. Direction of superficial
    Toward, or on surface
  20. Direction of deep
    Inside, or away from surface
  21. Direction of medial
    Closer to middle, center or midline
  22. Direction of lateral
    Away from middle
  23. Direction of anterior
    in front
  24. Direction of posterior
    behind, back of
  25. Direction of supine
    laying horizontal, face up
  26. Direction of prone
    laying horizontal, face down
  27. Define arthology
    Study of joints
  28. Three categories of joints by structure
    • fibrous
    • cartilagenous
    • synovial
  29. Define structure as it relates to joints
    Where to or more bones come together
  30. Three categories of joints by function
    • Synathrotic
    • Amphiarthrotic
    • Diarthrothic
  31. Define function as it relates to joints
    Movement created by muscle contracting to move bone allowed by joints
  32. How does diarthrotic joint move
  33. How does amphiarthrotic joint move
    Limited to moderate
  34. How does synarthrotic joint move
    little to none
  35. Synovial joints function
  36. Cartilaginous joints function
  37. Fibrous joints function
  38. What are the 6 synovial joints?
    • Hinge (one axis)
    • Pivot (one axis)
    • Saddle (two axis)
    • Condyloid (two axis)
    • Ball and Socket (three axis)
    • Gliding (0 axis)
  39. Define excitability in the skeletal muscle tissue
    the ability to respond to a simulus
  40. Define extensibility in the skeletal muscle tissue
    the ability of the muscle to enlongate
  41. Define elasticity in the skeletal muscle tissue
    the ability to return to orignal shape
  42. Define contractility in the skeletal muscle tissue
    The ability of the muscle to contract or shorten
  43. What are the four functions of skeletal muscle tissue?
    • Production of movement
    • Stabilize joints
    • Maintain posture
    • Generate heat
  44. What are the 7 ways to name skeletal muscle
    • Function
    • Shape
    • Size
    • Location
    • Direction of fibers
    • Number of heads/attachments
    • Points of attachments
  45. Define Agonist
    • *Prime mover*
    • Muscles that use concentric contractions which cause joints to move
  46. Define Antagonist
    Muscle that has oppisite action then mover
  47. Define Synergist
    Helper mover
  48. Define Isometric contraction
    No joint movement
  49. Define Isotonic contraction
    Provides joint movement
  50. Define Concentric contraction
    Contracts and shortens (Up-phase)
  51. Define Eccentric contractions
    Contracts and lengthens (Down-phase)
  52. What action is sagittal
    Extention/Flextion (back and forth)
  53. What action is frontal
    Side to side
  54. What action is transverse
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