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  1. CHO
    lipid element
  2. 3 fatty acids and Glycerol
    lipid subunit
  3. oils, fats, celll membranes
    chemical exmaples of lipid
  4. insulation, long-tern energy storage, water poufing
    uses of lipid
  5. CHON
    Elements of protein
  6. amino acid
    subunit of protein
  7. keratin, insulin, hemoglobin, enzymes
    chemical examples of protein
  8. form all body parts, cell communication, speed up reaction
    uses of protein
  9. CHONP
    elements of nucleic acid
  10. nucleotide
    subunit of nucleic acid
  11. DNA, RNA
    chemical examples of nucleic acid
  12. provide genetic code, use code for protein
    uses for nucleic acid
  13. C1H2O1
    elements of carbohydrate
  14. monosacharide
    subunit of carbohydrate
  15. glucose, sucrose, cellulose, ribose
    chemical examples of carbohydrate
  16. main source of energy
    uses of carbohydrate
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