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  1. Allah
    Islam God
  2. Imam
    Islam Leader of local government
  3. Islam
    • Religion of Muslims (Moslems)
    • Purity, peace, submission to God's (Allah's) will
  4. Jinazah
    Islam funeral prayer
  5. Koran (Quaran)
    Islam holy book
  6. Mohammed (Muhammad)
    Islam prophet of Islamic religion
  7. Mosque (Masjid)
    Islam local church building
  8. Muslin (Moslem)
    Name given to member of Islamic faith
  9. Islam body is placed on ____ side in casket
    Right; if placed in back in casket, head to East
  10. Cremation is forbidden in the ___ faith
  11. Science and Health with Key to Scriptures (1875)
    Christian Science
  12. Founded Christian Science Church in Boston in 1879
    Mary Baker Eddy
  13. Will NOT have funeral in Church
    Christian Science
  14. The offician of any service in Christian Science
    Reader or Practitioner
  15. Deaths of Church of Christain Science will come under jurisdiction of _____
    Coroner, Medical Examiner or Justice of Peace and will take place somewhere other than medical facility
  16. Do not consider person to have died, but passed away from this life to another
    Christian Science
  17. Prohibits terms "death" or "deceased", but rather uses "passed on"
    Christian Science
  18. Reading Room
    Christian Science
  19. Leads way to grave for Buddist funeral
  20. Blessed one name for Buddha
  21. Bonze or Bhikkhu
    Buddhist Priest
  22. Buddhist calandar used to determine time for casketing body
    Book of Dates
  23. First and last 2 versus in hymn sung at Buddhist funeral service
  24. Buddhist bedside prayer before arrangements made
  25. Buddhist pure land or heavenly peace
  26. Buddhist place of worship
  27. Buddhist performed part of casketing body
    Service of Encasketing
  28. Fraternal Order of Eagles
    Worthy President, Worthy Chaplain
  29. Order of the Eastern Star
    Officers of the Lodge Worthy Matron
  30. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE)
    Exalted Ruler
  31. The National Grange
  32. Knights of Pythias
    Chancellor Commander
  33. Maccabbes
  34. Masons - Ancient Free & Accepted
    Master of the Lodge, Worshipful Master
  35. Modern woodmen of America
    Consul, Master of Ceremonies
  36. Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    Noble Grand
  37. Rebekah's
    Noble Grand
  38. Royal Neighbors
    The Oracle
  39. Woodmen of the World
    Consul Commander
  40. Leads casket from coach to grave in military funeral service
  41. Flag held at waist hight
    Military Funeral
  42. Commander (military funeral)
    Firing Squad
  43. Must request military funeral
  44. Services are provided by branch of service to which decceased was associated - DD214
    Honarable Discharge
  45. Position of band at military funeral
    Front of funeral cortege
  46. Number of people in complete military funeral detail
  47. Cosed Caskey flag position
    Center on casket so blue field is at head and over left shoulder of deceased
  48. Half Couch Casket flag position
    Arrange in three layers (10 inch folds) to cover half of casket; blue field is top layer on deceased's left
  49. Flag can be burried with vet
  50. Nothing should ever be placed on flag
  51. When flag is properly folded only blue field is showing
  52. Properly folded flag is in what shape
    Triangle hat
  53. Full Couch Casket flag position
    Fold into triangle and place in casket cap just above left shoulder of deceased
  54. When flag hangs in middle of street that runs East and West
    Blue field facing North
  55. When flag hangs in street running North and South
    Blue field facing East
  56. When marching flag in parade
    Blue field at marchers right
  57. Can flag be lowered into grave or allowed to touch ground
  58. Should never be used as covering or drape for an item to be unveiled
  59. Can flag be fastened, displayed, used or stowed in such manner as will permit it to be easily torn, soiled or damaged in any way
  60. Flag should never have placed upon it, nor any part of it, nor attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture or drawing of any nature
  61. Never be used as receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying or delivering anything
  62. When badly torn, worn, or soiled, flag should ___
    No longer be publicly displayed, but privately destroyed by burning in such manner to convey no suggestion of disrespect or irreverence; ashes burried
  63. When flag is transported with deceased by common carrier, one of two procedures may be followed
    • Folded and placed in carton secured inside shipping receptacle
    • Draped over casket when placed in shipping receptacle
  64. Military funeral position of ceremonial elements in procession to cemetery
    • Band
    • Escort
    • Color Guard
    • Chaplain
    • Honorary Pall Bearers (carry casket)
    • Casket Coach with Casket
    • Body Bearers
    • Family
    • Society
  65. Most common military funeral happenes where
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