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  1. Which docment is needed Pre-Milestone A?
    A) CDD
    B) CPD
    C) ICD
    C) ICD
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. Which document is needed at Milestone B?
    A) ICD
    B) CPD
    C) CDD
    C) CDD
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  3. Which document is needed at Milestone C?
    A) CPD
    B) CDD
    C) ICD
    A) CPD
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  4. What must be conducted in the TD, EMD and Production Phase?
    Preliminary Design Review
  5. At CDR, what percentage should have passed Production and Quality?
  6. Pilot Line production occurs when?
    At Milestone C
  7. What are the 8 Technical Management Processes?
    • Technical Planning
    • Requirements Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Technical Assessment
    • Decision Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Interface Management
    • Data Management
  8. What are the 8 Technical Processes?
    • Stakeholder Requirements
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Architecture Design
    • Implementation
    • Integration
    • Verification
    • Validation
    • Transition
  9. What SE Process is critical to right design?
    Stakeholders Requirements
  10. Function Analysis is conducted during what technical process?
    Requirements Analysis
  11. What is the output of the Architectural Design Technical Process?
    Drawings and design
  12. Define the Implementation Phase of Technical Process?
    Process yields lowest level system elements
  13. Define the Integration Phase of Technical Process?
    Incorporates lower-level system elements into a higher-level system element in the physical architecture
  14. The Verification Phase of Technical Process ensures what?
    System elements meet the specification.
  15. The Validation Phase of Technical Process asks what question?
    Did you build the right thing?
  16. What is the Transition Phase of Technical Process?
    Process applied to move the system element to next level in physical architecture or for the end-item system, to the user.
  17. What are the five Ms of Manufacturing?
    • Measurement
    • Methods
    • Material
    • Machinery
    • Manpower
  18. What is ROI?
    • Revenue - Cost
    • Investments
  19. What effect does large batches have on manufacturing?
    It kills it.
  20. Variability in manufacturing can be seen as the ?
  21. What does the term "Right part, Right amount, Right time" apply to?
    Just In Time
  22. What does the phase "Make Problems Visible" apply to?
  23. Takt time, Continous Flow, Pull System (Kanbun), Quick Changeover, Integrated Logistics apply to
    Just in Time
  24. Automatic stops, Andon, Person-Machine separation, Error Proofing, In-station quality control, 5 Whys apply to?
  25. Let's go see, 5S and Problem Solving are sample of?
    Waste Reduction
  26. What are the foundations of The House of Lean?
    • Toyota Way Philosophy
    • Visual Management
    • Stable and Standardized Processes
    • Level Production (heijunka)
  27. What is Value Stream Mapping?
    • Identifies all step currently involved in providing a product.
    • Determine Material and Information flow.
    • Evaluate VA and NVA steps
  28. What is Performance Based Acquisition?
    Buy what not Buy how. Best Value.
  29. What elements are contained in a PBA Specifications?
    • 1. What - Not How
    • 2. Describe Acceptable Standard
    • 3. Goals / Thresholds / Standards / Level of Performance
    • 4. Complete - able to interpret correctly for all
  30. What is the Source Selection Organizational Stucture?
    • Source Selection Authority (SCA)
    • Source Selection Advisory Council (SSAC)
    • Source Selection Evaluation Boards (SSEB)
  31. What are the aspects of a Performance Specification?
    • Cost
    • Performance
    • Threat
    • Failure Definitions

    "The system will..."
  32. What is the High Level Elevator IRT a Performance Specification?
    Normally the opening specification
  33. What are some benefits for PBA?
    • Creativity
    • Cost/Price
    • Quality
    • Transfer Risk
    • Short Lead
    • IPT
    • Increase Readiness
    • Increase Comms
  34. Key elements to a good Performance Specification are
    • Objective
    • Measureable
    • Detailed Element
    • Testable
    • RAM
  35. What is Producibility?
    Relative ease of production.
  36. Name one thing to avoid in Manufacturing?
    Avoid Unique Elements
  37. Bad Producibilty is characterized by what?
    • Unstable Design
    • Uncharacterized Material
    • Uncharted Production Process
  38. Critical Characterized affects
    Life / Limb
  39. Key Characterized affects
    Product fit, performance, service life or manufacturability
  40. QFD requirement matrix do what?
    • Customer Requirements (Whats)
    • Prioritizes Needs
    • Document Customer Perception
    • Identifies Design Solutions (Hows)
    • Competative Benchmarking
    • ID Design Conflicts
    • ID Interrelationships
    • Determine Relative Importance
    • Sets Target Values
  41. What is Advanced Quality System?
    • Using CPI Tools:
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Design for Manufacturing & Assy
    • Quality Function Deployment
    • Design for Experiments
    • Six Sigma
    • Cost of Quality
    • Robust Design
    • ID and Control of Key Characteristics
    • Failure Mode and Effects
  42. What are the sections of Cost of Quality?
    • Apprasials
    • Prevention
    • Failures (Internal/External)
  43. What is Cost of Quality Process?
    • New Approach Apprasial
    • Prevention 50%
    • Apprasial 35%
    • Failure 15%
  44. What is Profit?
    Sales - Cost of Goods Sold
  45. What is velocity?
    Flow of material
  46. What is the relationship of Vertical and Horizontal Intergration?
    • Vertical, supply chain is owned.
    • Horizontal, supply chain is not owned.
  47. What is the Lovejoy Model?

    Capacity Inventory

    Need 2 of 3.
  48. What is the Bullwhip Effect?
    Order oscillation, amplification and Phase Lag
  49. When you have Clear Demand and Short Lead Time, you have what?
    A Pull System
  50. What is Moore's Law?
    Computing power doubles every 18 months for a given cost.
  51. What is Gilder's Law?
    Bandwidth is increasing at a rate of 2x of computing power.
  52. What is Metcalfe's Law?
    Value of a network varies as the square of its users.
  53. What is Coase's Theory?
    Size of a org varies directly with the number and amount of its trans cost.
  54. What is the PESHE Process?
    • Programmatic Enviromental Safety & Health Evaluation
    • - Required at Milestone B
    • - Known ESOH Hazards
    • - System & Support Justifications
    • - Mitigation Measures & Oversight Plans
  55. Which Cost Accounting uses rate?
    A) Traditional
    B) Activity Based
    A) Traditional
  56. What is known to "Pace the Plant"
  57. What are the Principles of Theory of Constraints?
    • Increase Throughtput?
    • Decrease Inventory?
    • Decrease Operating Expense?
  58. What governs both throughput and inventories?
  59. What do the terms Drum, Buffer and Rope mean?
    Drum - Paces the plant

    Buffer - Inventory Protection for bottlenecks to ensure no stoppage

    Rope - Ties everything together
  60. What is the Theory of Constraint Process?
    • Identify the Constraint
    • Exploit the Constraint
    • Subordinate resources to the Constraint
    • Elevate the Constraint (Break Constraint)
    • Repeat
  61. The Critical Path does what?
    Shows a sequence of dependant events that prevents the project from completing early.
  62. What is Enterprise Resources Planning?
    Computer system that integrates application programs in accounting, sales, manufacturing and all other functions in the firm.
  63. Prior to Milestone A, you should be at TRL / MRL?
    4 / 4
  64. Prior to Milestone B, you should be at TRL / MRL?
    6 / 6
  65. Prior to Milestone C, you should be at TRL / MRL?
    7 / 8
  66. What is the Risk Management Process Model?
    • Risk
    • Indentification
    • Analysis
    • Mitigation Planning
    • Mitigation Plan Implementation
    • Tracking
  67. What is the purpose of Production Readiness Review (PRR)
    if design is ready for production
  68. The Software Quality Assurance Plan consist of:
    • Purpose and Scope
    • Management
    • Documentation
    • Standards, practices, conventions, and metrics
    • Reviews and Audits
    • Testing Activities
    • Problem Reporting and Corrective Action
    • Tools, techniques, and methodologies
    • Code Control
    • Media Control
    • Supplier Control
    • Record Collection, maintenance, retention
    • Training
    • Risk Management
  69. In Six Sigma, what is Cp (Process Capability)
    • USL - LSL (Spec Width)
    • 6sigma (Short Term Process Width)

    6sigma Cp >= 2.0
  70. In Six Sigma, what is Cpk (Demonstrated Process Capability)
    • Lesser of USL-Xbar or Xbar-LSL
    • 3sigma 3sigma

    6sigma = Cpk >= 1.5
  71. Six Sigma yields what factors:
    3.4 DPMO and 99.99966% yield
  72. What is DMAIC?
    • Define
    • Measure
    • Analyze
    • Improve
    • Control
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