Psychology 61

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  1. possible selves
    are one's conceptions about the kind of person one might become in the future.
  2. self-concept
    is an organized collection of beliefs about the self.
  3. self-discrepancy
    consists of a mismatch between the self-perceptions that make up the actual self, ideal self, and ought self.
  4. self-schemas
    shape social perception, are developed from past experience, and are concerned with one's personality traits, abilities, physical features, values, goals, and social roles.
  5. working self-concept
    The self-concept that is accessible at any given moment has been termed the working self-concept by Hazel Markus, a leading researcher in this area.
  6. The Nature of the Self-Concept
    Our self-concept is apt to be "relational," that is, one's sense of self is based on the current as well as past relationships one has with significant others in one's life, such as friends, family, and romantic partners.
  7. The Nature of the Self-Concept
    Self-concepts seem to be most susceptible to change when people shift from an important and familiar social setting to an unfamiliar one, such as when they go off to college or to a new city for thier first "real" job.
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