Industrial Revolution 4- Karl Marx

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  1. Who was he assisted by?
    Friedrick Engles
  2. Engles and Karl Marx were what nationality? (from Prussia)
  3. Engles' father was a?
    Wealthy Capitalist
  4. Engles helped support Karl Marx because Marx?
    Rarely worked
  5. Marx and Engles lived most of thier lives in?
  6. What did Marx said throughtout history, classes?
    Have struggled with each other
  7. What were the 2 classes in the 1800s?
    • Have
    • Have-nots
  8. Where business owners (capitalist or bourgeoisie)?
  9. Where workers (proletariat)?
  10. What 3 steps did Marx believed?
    • Violent revolution
    • Dictatorship of the proletariat
    • Educate about scientific socialism
  11. The proletariat would organize?
    A violent revoultion and overthrow the capitalist
  12. The revolution leaders would temporarily set up a government called?
    Dictatorship of the proletariat
  13. As people were educated about scientific socialism, what 4 things would occur?
    • Government would wither away
    • A classless society would come into existence
    • Cooperation would replace competition
    • The philsophy of society would change
  14. The philosophy of society would be "from each according to his ? to each according to?"
    • Ability
    • Need
  15. Marx wrote "The proletarians have nothing to lose but ?. They have the world to win. Workingmen?
    • Their chains
    • Of all countries unite
  16. Marx believed that the revolution would begin in (such as?)? and then?
    • Industrialized (Britain, France and Germany)
    • Spread throughout the world

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Industrial Revolution 4- Karl Marx
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Industrial Revolution 4- Karl Marx
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