ECT therapy

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  1. ECT is used to treat:
    Depression that does not respond to antidepressants

    • Elderly who experience severe side effects of medications
  2. Can pregnant women receive ECT?
    Yes, does not harm fetus.
  3. ECT may also treat:
    Actively suicidal clients while waiting for response to medications

    Acute manic episodes (rapid cycling with very destructive behavior)
  4. Procedure of ECT:

    • Pre-Op
    • Neuro Exam
    • EKC
    • Labs
  5. Meds that increase the seizure threshold must be discontinued for several days or decreased.
    MAOI and lithium discontinued 2 weeks before.
  6. Must be NPO for 8-12 hours prior ECT.
    Use bite guard

    Use BP cuff to monitor effects to one side of arm.
  7. ECT causes what?
    memory loss
  8. Increased risk in:
    • Recent MI
    • CVA
    • Intracrainal mass lesion
  9. ECT is not useful in:
    • Developmental disabilities
    • Chemical dependence
    • Personality disorders
    • Situation depression
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