Cranial Nerves

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  1. Cranial Nerves in Order
    • I: Olfactory
    • II: Optic
    • III: Oculomotor
    • IV: Trochlear
    • V: Trigeminal
    • VI: Abducens
    • VII: Facial
    • VIII: Vestibulocochlear
    • IX: Glossopharyngeal
    • X: Vagus
    • XI: Accessory
    • XII: Hypoglossal
  2. Cranial Nerve Mnemonic
    Oh Once One Takes The Anatomy Final Very Good Vacations Are Heavenly
  3. Olfactory (I)
    Smell (sensory)
  4. Optic (II)
    Vision (sensory)
  5. Occulomotor (III)
    Eye movement; pupil constriction (motor)
  6. Trochlear (IV)
    Eye movement (motor)
  7. Trigeminal (V)
    Somatosensory information (touch, pain) from the face and head; muscles for chewing. (both)
  8. Abducens (VI)
    Eye movement (motor)
  9. Facial (VII)
    • Taste (anterior 2/3 of tongue); somatosensory information from ear; controls muscles used in facial expression. (both)
    • Exits skull at stylomastoid foramen and passes through parotid gland (does not innervate it)
    • does not bring back sensation from face
  10. Vestibulocochlear (VIII)
    Hearing; balance (sensory)
  11. Glossopharyngeal (IX)
    Taste (posterior 1/3 of tongue); Somatosensory information from tongue, tonsil, pharynx; controls some muscles used in swallowing. (both)
  12. Vagus (X)
    Sensory, motor and autonomic functions of viscera (glands, digestion, heart rate. Parasympathetic (both)
  13. Accessory (XI)
    Controls muscles used in head movement. (motor)
  14. Hypoglossal (XII)
    Controls muscles of tongue. (motor)
  15. Motor/Sensory Mnemonic
    Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Brains Matter Most
  16. Branches of Trigeminal (V)
    • Opthalmic (V1)
    • Maxillary (V2)
    • Mandibular (V3)
  17. Mandibular n. (V3)
    Innervates: muscles of mastication (motor) and skin of lower jaw (sensory)
  18. Maxillary n. (V2)
    Innervates: skin over cheek area to under nose
  19. Opthalmic n. (V1)
    Innervates: skin over forehead and nose; cornea of eye
  20. Peripheral innervation of head and neck
    • Back of head: Greater occipital n. (C2)
    • Behind ear: lesser occipital n. (C2)
    • Under ear and jaw: Greater auricular n. (C2)
    • Jaw: Mandibular n. (CN V3)
    • Cheekbone to under nose: Maxillary n. (V2)
    • Forehead down nose: Opthalmic n. (V1)
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Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerves
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