Mr. Hogans Vocabulary List #5

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  1. Malefactor
    (noun) Criminal
  2. Prognosticate
    (verb) To know ahead of time, to predict
  3. Aqueduct
    (noun) Large pipe for carrying water from a distant source
  4. Euphonious
    (adj.) Having a pleasant sound, harmonious
  5. Abjure
    (verb) To renounce, under oath, rights or opinions
  6. Officious
    (adj.) Meddling; excessively forward in assuming authority
  7. Nonchalant
    (adj.) Confident and unconcerned
  8. Elucidate
    (verb) To explain, clarify
  9. Facetious
    (adj.) Not meant to be taken seriously or literally
  10. Garrulous
    (adj.) Tending toward tedious chatter, loquacious
  11. Indemmity
    (noun) A payment for loss or damage
  12. Limpid
    (adj.) Clear, transparent, easily understood
  13. Mercurial
    (adj.) Characterized by unpredictable and rapid mood changes
  14. Spartan
    (adj.) Sternly disciplined and rigorously simple
  15. Reticent
    (adj.) Not inclined to speak; restrained in expression
  16. Temerity
    (noun) A somewhat foolish boldness
  17. Supple
    (adj.) Bending easily
  18. Consecrate
    (verb) To make or declare sacred
  19. Tepid
    (adj.) Lukewarm, unenthusastic
  20. Compunction
    (noun) Regret, remorse
  21. MAL
  22. GNOS
    To know
  23. DUC
    To lead
  24. EU
    Good, well
  25. AB
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