Chapter 3: Integumentary System

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  1. Subcutaneous
    Under the skin
  2. Epidermal
    Upon the skin
  3. Hypodermic
    Under the skin
  4. Intradermal
    Within the skin
  5. Dermatitis
    Inflammation of the skin
  6. Dermatologist
    Specialist in skin
  7. Dermatosis
    Abnormal condition of the skin
  8. Dermatopathy
    Skin disease
  9. Dermatoplasty
    Surgical repair of the skin
  10. anhidrosis
    abnormal condtion of no sweat
  11. Hyperhidrosis
    abnormal condition of excessive sweat
  12. Lipectomy
    Removal of fat
  13. Lipoma
    Fatty mass
  14. Melanoma
    Black tumor
  15. Melanocyte
    Black cell
  16. Necrosis
    Abnormal condition of death
  17. Onychectomy
    Removal of a nail
  18. Onychomycosis
    Abnormal condition of nail fungus
  19. Onychomalacia
    Softening of the nail
  20. Onychophagia
    Nail biting
  21. Pyogenic
    Pus forming
  22. Rhytidectomy
    Removal of wrinkles
  23. Rhytidoplasty
    Surgical repair of winkles
  24. Seborrhea
    oily discharge
  25. Trichomycosis
    abnormal condition of hair fungus
  26. Ungual
    Pertaining to the nails
  27. erythrodermal
    red skin
  28. ichthyoderma
    scaly and dry skin
  29. leukoderma
    white skin
  30. pyoderma
    pus skin
  31. scleroderma
    hard skin
  32. xeroderma
    dry skin
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