Cranial Nerves

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  1. CN I
    olfactory- smell
  2. CN II
    optic - vision
  3. CN III
    occulomotor - eyelid and eyeball movement
  4. CN IV
    trochlear - innervates superior oblique, turns eye downward and laterally
  5. CN V
    trigeminal - chewing, face & mouth touch & pain
  6. CN VI
    abducens - turns eye laterally
  7. CN VII
    facial - controls most facial expressions, secretion of tears & saliva, taste
  8. CN VIII
    vestibulocochlear (auditory) - hearing, equilibrium sensation
  9. CN IX
    glossopharyngeal - taste, senses carotid blood pressure
  10. CN X
    vagus - senses aortic blood pressure, slows heart rate, stimulates digestive organs, tase
  11. CN XI
    spinal accessory - controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid, controls swallowing movements
  12. CN XII
    hypoglossal - controls tongue movements
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