Maricopa Nursing Core Values

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  1. Name the core values.

    Critical thinking, caring, holism, information technology, nursing role development, and safe practice.
  2. Describe caring.
    • Caring is having concern and empathy; support, sharing, and respect; highest commitment; value based.
    • It means that things do matter.
    • A nurses attitude affects how they care for a patient.
  3. Describe critical thinking.
    • Critical thinking is a learned process/developed skill. It is making decisions based on self reflections, rationale and reasoning within the scope of practice.
    • Objectivity- look at situations
    • What's important?
    • Recognizing & Prioritizing
    • What are the options?
    • Informed decisions
    • Evaluating/making conclusions
  4. Describe holism.
    • Holism is the unity of mind, body, spirit and environment.
    • Nonjudgmental providers of care. Spirituality and diversity.
    • Religion/spirituality, culture, age, family, life experiences, physical and psychological, intellectual.
  5. Describe nursing role development.
    • Nursing role development is accountability, honesty, integrity and fidelity (trust).
    • Nurses are accountable for their patients first.
    • Nursing is one of the most trusted roles/professions.
  6. Describe safe practice.
    • Safe practice is safe, quality, patient care.
    • Standards of Care (the minimum level of care to ensure quality outcomes)
    • Federal, state, local laws
    • Organizational standards (Joint Commision, ANA)
    • Agency policies and procedures
  7. Describe information management and technology.
    • Information management technology is basic data collection using a variety of tools.
    • It is the newest core value.
    • It has a huge impact on nursing because it makes our job easier.
    • EMRs (electronic medical records), electronic medication access devices, medical equipment, PDA's and others (fax machines, phones, PC's, etc).
    • Pros- saves time and organized
    • Cons-Reliance, back up, depersonalization, constant changes, learning curve, confidentiality issues.
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