French verbs

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  1. entendre
    to hear
  2. attendre
    to wait for
  3. perdre
    to lose
  4. repondre
    to respond
  5. vendre
    to sell
  6. rendre
    to return
  7. rendre visite a'
    to visit someone
  8. manger
    to eat
  9. changer
    to change
  10. echanger
    to exchange
  11. corriger
    to correct
  12. deranger
    to disturb
  13. encourager
    to encourage
  14. yoyager
    to travel
  15. commencer
    to begin/start
  16. placer
    to place, put
  17. prononcer
    to pronounce
  18. remplacer
    to replace
  19. avancer
    to go forward
  20. lancer
    to throw
  21. preferer
    to prefer
  22. esperer
    to hope
  23. repeter
    to repeat
  24. acheter
    to buy
  25. amener
    to bring along someone
  26. emmener
    to take along someone
  27. lever
    to raise
  28. promener
    to take for a walk

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