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  1. __% of Greeks are _______ ________ _________.
    19% are Eastern Orthodox Christian
  2. ______ is a major holiday in Greece.
  3. Define mosaics
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    • Tiny pictures that are made of colored stone
  4. Only __% of the land in Greece can be farmed because of the _________.
    Only 19%of the land can be farmed because of the mountains
  5. __% of Italians are_____ ________ and the leader is called the ____.
    98% of Italians are Roman Catholic and the Pope is the leader of the religion.
  6. Recipes in Italy are influenced by _______ and the _____ of the area
    Recipes in Italy are influenced by history and the crops of the area
  7. How has geography influenced the food in Italy? What do they eat?
    In the south, Itlians eat olives, bread, and fish that are usually flavored with lemon which is a mediteranean diet because they are in a mediterranean climate.
  8. Pizza originated in _______.
  9. Italy's most values crop is ______.
  10. Grapes make Italy the largest producer of ____.
    • Wine
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  11. Venice is famous for ______ and _________ _________
    Venice is famous for canals and beautiful buildings.
  12. Florence is famous for ___ and _______.
    Florence is famous for art and culture
  13. The Roman _________ was built between __ and __ AD
    • The Roman Colosseum was built between 70 and 80 AD
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  14. Most Spanish and Portuguese recipes include olives and _____ ____, Lemon, _____, ____, and ____
    Most spanish and Portuguese recipes include olives and olive oil, lemon, wheat, wine, and fish
  15. What foods were brought from America to Europe?
    Tomatoes and peppers. We take them for granted.
  16. Spain and Portugal remain strongly _____ ________.
    Spain and Portugal remain strongly Roman Catholic
  17. A bull fight otherwise known as a _______ can take place during many festivals in Spain/Portugal
    A corrida is a bull fight. Those poor bulls!
  18. A kind of spanish dancing is known as the ________.
    The Flamenco. Flamenco dancers wear long dresses with HUGE bottoms.Image Upload
  19. In the 1900s, a Spanish painter named _____ ______ became one of the most famous artist of modern times
    Pablo Picasa
  20. The economies of Spain and Portugal have been _______ _______.
    The economies of Spain and Portugal have been growing rapidly. But are still poorer then other European countries.
  21. Farming products of Spain and Portugal include ____, fruit, ______, olive oil, and ____.
    Farming products of Spain and Portugal incluve wine, fruit, olives, olive oil, and cork.
  22. Define cork
    Cork is bark stripped from a special oak tree.
  23. What makes up a Greek polis?
    a city and the land around it.
  24. Which Greek city-state was the first known democracy?
  25. Whose empire combined Greek culture with Asian and African influences?
    Alexander the Great's Empire.
  26. What name was given to the eastern half of the Roman Empire?
    the Byzantine Empire
  27. What is the leading form of Christinity in Greece?
    Eastern Orthodox Christian
  28. Which people conquered Constantinople in 1453?
    The Ottoman Turks
  29. Which Greek industry employs the most people?
    The Agiculture industry
  30. Approximately what percent of Greeks live in rural areas?
    About 40%
  31. What is both the capital of Greece and it's largest city?
  32. What is the name of Athen's seaport?
  33. Peninsula of Italy includes...
    The Southern Alps
  34. ________ Mountains make a spine down Italy's back.
  35. Greece's main land extends into the ______ Sea with many peninsulas
    The Aegean Sea.
  36. What is Italy's largest river and what does it create?
    The Po river creates fertile soil for farming.
  37. What are two of Italy's islands?
    Silicy and Sardinia
  38. What is/are Italy's climate region(s)
    Mediteranean and the northern area is highlnd
  39. What does Italy rely on?
    Fishing, marble, and the sun for tourists. Resources are scarce in Italy
  40. Greece has ____+ islands
  41. What climate region is Greece?
    Mediterranean (also very mountainous)
  42. What islands do Spain and Portugal share?
  43. The ____ and ________ mountains can be found in Spain and Portugal
    Cantabrian and Pyrenees mountains can be found in Spain and Portugal and form the northern border.
  44. Greece's largest peninsula is ____________.
  45. Greece's largest island is _____.
  46. Sppain and Portugal are on the _______ peninsula.
    Spain and Portugal are located on the Iberian peninsula.
  47. Spain and Portugal have many very high, rocky ________.
    Spain and Portugal have many high, and rock plateaus.
  48. Several east-west ______ cut through Spain and Portugal's peninsula.
    Several East-West rivers cut through Spain and Portugal's peninsula.
  49. What climate region does Greece have?
    Greece has a Mediterranean climate.
  50. Spain and Portugal are ____________ climate region. Also, Semi-____ climates are found in pockets and Northern Spain is ____ and _____.
    Spain and Portugal are Mediterranean climate region, Also, Semi-arid climates are found in pockets, and Northern Spain is cool and humid.
  51. What are some resources Spain and Portugal have?
    One resource is that Lisbon, Portugal is an important Atlantic port and the Atlantic Ocean supports Spain and Portugal in their fishing industry. Also, Northern Spain has ore mines and Spain's beaches make is one of Europe's top tourist attractions.
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