Chapter 3- Understanding the Self: Your Self Concept

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  1. Self Concept
    the set of perceptions a person has about who he or she is; also known identity
  2. Johari Window
    A visual representation of components of the self that are known or unknown to the self and to others
  3. Personality
    the pattern of behaviors and ways of thinking that characterize a person
  4. Reflected appraisal
    the process whereby people's self-concept is influenced by their beliefs concerning what other people think of them
  5. Social Comparison
    the process of comparing oneself with others
  6. Reference groups
    the groups of people with whom one compares oneself in the process of social comparison
  7. Self-fulfilling prophecy
    An expectation that gives rise to behaviors that cause the expectation to come true
  8. self-esteem
    one's subjective evaluation of one's value and worth as a person
  9. Need for Control
    One's need to maintain a degree of influence in one's relationships
  10. Need for Affection
    One's need to give and receive expressions of love and appreciation
  11. Need for Inclusion
    One's need to belong to a social group and be included in the activities of others
  12. Image Management
    the process of projecting one's desired public image
  13. Face Needs
    components of one's desired public image
  14. Fellowship Face
    the need to have others like and accept you
  15. Competence Face
    The need to be respected and viewed as competent and intelligent
  16. Face
    A person's desired public image
  17. Facework
    the behaviors we use to maintain our desired public image to others
  18. Autonomy face
    the need to avoid being imposed upon by others
  19. Face-threatening act
    any behavior that threatens one or more face needs
  20. Self-disclosure
    the act of giving others information about one-self that one believes they do not already have
  21. Social penetration theory
    a theory, developed by Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor, that predicts that as relationships develop, communication increases in breadth and depth
  22. depth
    the intimacy of the topics about which one person self-discloses to another
  23. Breadth
    the range of topics about which one persons self-discloses to another
  24. Norm of reciprocity
    a social expectation, artiulated by Alvin Gouldner, that resources and favors provided to one person in a relationship should be reciprocated by that person
  25. Gossip
    the sharing of an individual's personal information with a third party without the individual's
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