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  1. Piece of rope either fiber or wire cut for a specific purpose.
  2. how is line measured?
  3. how is wire rope measured?
  4. what are the three braids of line?
    • three strand
    • single braid
    • double braid
  5. line handling command: hold.
    do not allow any more line to go out
  6. line handling command: check
    hold the line slack and ease the line so it will not part
  7. line handling command: ease
    let the line out until it is under less tension but not slack
  8. line handling command: slack
    take all tension off the line and lit it hang but not touching the water
  9. line handling command: take in
    to have all lines cast off from the pier and brought aboard.
  10. line handling command: cast off
    command to those on the pier to thow off the line from the bollards or cleats
  11. line handling command: avast
    stop the capstan or stop heaving around
  12. line handling command: heave around
    apply tesnion on the line by hauling on it with the capstan
  13. the sum of the ships lenght plus the length of the chain let out.
    swing circle
  14. radius equal to the sum of the hawse pipe to the ship's Polaris and final length of the chain.
    drag circle
  15. a line well forward on the ship used to tie a boat alongside.
    sea painter
  16. what is the most dangerous time for a boat to get underway?
    right before it is cast off
  17. where is a sea painter on a boat?
    forward inboard
  18. line used to keep the boat from moving while being lowered into the water
    steady line
  19. a safety line made up with a series of overhand or figure eight knots evely spaced to assist peronnel climbing up and down from a boat.
    Manropes (monkey lines)
  20. how much of your bodyweight should be on the monkey lines during lowering of a boat?
  21. a short metal or wood column extedning up from a base plate secured to a deck used to secure rope hawsers and cables
  22. a heavy, smooth surfaced fitting usually located near the edge of the weather deck through which wire rope or fiber hawsers may be led.
  23. pieces of wood or metal of various shapes according to their use usually having two projectiong arms or horns upon which to belay ropes
  24. a closed chock at the bow of a vessel, primary use is towing.
    bull nose
  25. heavy casting through which the anchor chain rus from the deck down and forward through the ship's bow plating
    hawse pipe
  26. a connected fexible series of links, usually of metal used for binding connections or other purposes
  27. a metal appliance consisting of a threaded link, bolt and a pair of opposite threaded screws, capable of being set up or slacked off and used for setting up standing rigging or stoppers
  28. a drum attached to a winch around which a rope is turned for heaving in
    gypsy head
  29. a revolving device with a vertical axis used for heaving in moring lines
  30. a joining link or chain used to connect chain to anchors, chain or other pieces of morring, towing, or beach gear equipment, non interchangeable.
    detachable link
  31. what are the pieces of a detachable link
    • C link
    • Matching clip
    • tapered pin
    • led plug
  32. what are the pieces of a chain stopper
    • shackle
    • detachable link
    • turnbuckle
    • detachable link
    • pelican hook
  33. describe chain markings
    painted red, white or blue for every 15 fathoms. White detachable links on either side indicate which shot you are on
  34. a heavy iron or steel implement attached to a vessel by means of a rope or chain cable for holding the vessel at rest in the water.
    Anchor (standard Navy Stockless)
  35. A device used to secure chain, thereby relieving the strain on the windlass also used to secure the anchor in the housed position in the hawse pipe
    chain stopper
  36. a hook that can be opened while under strain by knocking away a locking ring which holds it closed. Used to provide an instant release
    pelican hook
  37. a special type of drum whose faces are formed to fit the links of a chain of given size
    wild cat
  38. a heavy line or wire rope used in warping, towing, and mooring, any line over 5 inches in circumference
  39. a term frequently applied to a fiver or synthetic rope especially if it moves or is used to transmit a force
  40. a rpoe combined or rope fiber and wire, used to spring a ship
    spring lay
  41. any line that measurse 1 1/2" in diameter or less
    small stuff
  42. method of disposing of a line by coiling it tightly flat of the deck starting from the center and coiling it around itself
  43. two strand left laid tarred hemp small stuff
  44. a loop of line rope or chain
  45. the inboard end of a vessel's anchor chain which is made fast in the chain locker, the free end of a fiver or wire rope
    bitter end
  46. a loop formed in the end of a rope
  47. a loop formed in the end of a rope by tucking the strand ends under or around the strands of the line part of the rope. a thimble is often used in the loop
    eye splice
  48. two lines joined by splicing diameter does ont change
    long splice
  49. two lines joind by slicing diameter changes
    short splice
  50. metal tool used to splice wire rope
  51. wooden tool used to splice line
  52. a form of seizing two points
  53. where should line handlers be positioned from the direction of tension force when hauling line
    90 degrees
  54. what is a safe distance from blocks, cleats, gypsy heads, capstains, etc. through which line passes?
    6 ft
  55. how should lines be handled?
    hand over hand
  56. a line used specifically for securing a ship to a pier
    mooring line
  57. a mooring line from ship to pier, perpendicular to the ship's center line
    breast line
  58. led from the ship forward to the pier to keep the ship from moving aft.
    forward spring line
  59. led from the ship aft tot he pier to keep the ship from moving forward
    after spring line
  60. line to secure the stern to the pier
    stern line
  61. lines placed mid ship on dutch ballards and back to the pier. all lines are double fwd and aft.
    stom line
  62. cord made from natural fiber attached to synthetic line that are subject to loads that may exceed it's safe working load. when SWL is close to being exceeded this line breaks
    tattletale line
  63. to make a turn around forward bitts back around aft bitt making the figure eight
    figure eight turn
  64. passing the eye of a line throught that of another line then around a ballard
    dip the eye
  65. to double mooring lines for added strength
    double up
  66. line passed around the forward and aft boat falls to steady a boat when hoisting or lowering.
  67. a hinged conical metal shield secured around mooring lines immediately after mooring to prevent rats from coming aboard the ship
    rat guards
  68. canvas, line, or other material placed around rigging and mooring lines to prevet wear
    chafing gear
  69. a braided tapering, stopper used on boat falls and mooring lines
    chinese stopper
  70. this is indicated by a line stretching to a certain percentage of it's length
    Safe working load
  71. Term applied to all methods of transfer rig fuel, munition, supplies and personnel from one vessel to another while underway
    underway replenishment (UNREP)
  72. what are the two methods of UNREP.
    • CONREP
  73. what is the average replenishment speed.
    12-16 knots
  74. who decides the replenishment course?
    officer of tactical command (OTC)
  75. which ship is the control ship during UNREP?
    the delivery ship
  76. Which ship is the approach ship during UNREP?
    receiving ship
  77. W400 ft of 3" line or 200 ft of 1.5" line used to send trolley block back and forth during UNREP.
    inhaul/outhaul line
  78. the main line used to haul any basic rig across between ships.
  79. what is the perferred location for handling the messenger and other lines?
    forward of the rig
  80. the line used for communication and measuring the distance between tow ships performing the UNREP.
    phone and distance line
  81. how long is the phone and distance line?
    300 ft.
  82. how is the phone and distance line marked?
    • flags every 20 ft.
    • Green
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • White
    • Green
    • (Rub Your Balls With Grease)
  83. During UNREP for fuel, line with hooks that secures the hose on the receiving ship and takes the strain of the hose from the terminal coupling.
    Riding line
  84. Describe the standard riding line.
    4" manila line 25-45 ft long.
  85. 12-21 thread manila with whipped ends. rigged through the spanwire and belayed to a cleat so line is ready for easing out.
    easing out line
  86. 600ft 1"wire rope used for refueling and delivering supply.
    Span wire
  87. 350ft 4" line used for personnel transfer.
  88. what type of fuel connections do we have?
    robb coupling
  89. This line provides communication link between the bridges of the two ships during UNREP.
    Station to station phone line
  90. primary source of power for cargo handling and replenishment at sea
  91. hand heaved nylon shot line used during UNREP
  92. what type of weapon is the line throwing gun?
    M-14 rifle
  93. a single sheave block used for changing direction of line pull during UNREP
    fair lead block
  94. What is the standard CONREP method?
    • STREAM
    • standard tension replenishment alongside method
  95. what method of CONREP is perfered for ships with nonsliding padeye stations?
    • STAR
    • Surf Traveling Actuated Remote
  96. STAR rig assembly is bolted to what?
  97. This type of station is used during CONREPS with kingpost, tripod or STEAM SUPPORT LEG
    Pendant receiving station
  98. An all tensioned wire rig with highline, inhaul and outhaul lines being tended by winches in the delivering ship during CONREP.
    Traveling Surf
  99. Holds the STAR latch assembly when being used with the STAR rig. The outhaul wires are received through sheaves in this.
    Surf block
  100. this carries the load up and down on the king post.
    Stream transfer head
  101. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: Safety observer
    white with green cross
  102. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: rig captain
  103. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: rigger
  104. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: signalman
  105. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: corpsman
    white with red cross
  106. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: Gunners mate
  107. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: winch operator
  108. personnel hard hat colors during UNREP: phone talker
  109. what are the whistle signals for the delivery ship before the shot is fired?
    1 blast each station
  110. what are the whistle signals on the receiving ship when ready to receive the shot during UNREP?
    2 blasts
  111. Describe how the Romeo flag is used on the control ship, and where it is displayed, during UNREP
    • displayed on fore yardarm on side rigged
    • at the dip- preparing to receive you
    • close up- am ready for your approach
    • hauled down- when messenger in hand
  112. Describe how the Romeo flag is sued on the approach ship, and where it is displayed, during UNREP
    • displayed on fore yardarm on side rigged
    • at the dip- am ready to come alongside
    • Close up- am commencing approach
    • hauled down- when messenger is in hand
  113. Describe how prep is used on the receiving ship, and where it is displayed, during UNREP.
    • dispayed on outboard yardarm
    • at the dip- expect to disengage in 15 min
    • close up- repelenishment completed, am disengaging at final station
    • Hauled down- All lines clear
  114. How is bravo used on the approach ship and where is it displayed during UNREP?
    • Where best seen when fuel or explosive are being transfered
    • at the dip- have temporarily stopped supplying
    • Close up- fuel or explosive are being received
    • Hauled down- delivery complete
  115. How is bravo used on the receiving ship and where is it displayed during UNREP?
    • At the dip- Temporarily stopped transfering
    • Close up- Fuel or explosives are being transfered
    • Hauled down- delivery complete
  116. is permission from CO required during emergency break away during UNREP?
  117. how many blasts are sounded during emergency breakway?
  118. what is the visual aid for restricted maneuvering?
    • Ball
    • Diamond
    • Ball
  119. Who orders abandon ship?
  120. What type of life rafts are aboard
    • MK5 mod 2
    • MK6
  121. how many life rafts are onboard
  122. How many people can fit on a life raft?
    • MK5 mod 2- 15
    • MK6- 25
  123. What is some equipment in a life raft?
    • 100 ft sea painter,
    • Sea anchor
    • Blanket
    • Flare gun
    • MRE
  124. What are the three ways a life raft can be released?
    • Pressure plate
    • Hydrostatic release
    • Cut the rope
  125. what can be used to mark last known position of a man overboard?
    • Life raft/buoy
    • Smoke float (MK 58)
    • Strobe light
    • Dead Reckoning Tracer (DRT)
  126. what are the three methods of overboard recovery?
    • Helo 1st
    • Boat 2nd
    • Shipboard 3rd
  127. What is the J-bar Davit used for?
    Man overboard recovery
  128. what are the manuevers Manuvers for man overboard recover?
    • williamson
    • anderson
    • race track
    • Y back
  129. an unexpected encounter between ships or between a ship and an immovable object
  130. tables used to determine when to turn the ship in order to steady on course without overshooting the turn.
    advance transfer
  131. the distance traved on original course
  132. distance traveled along the new course
  133. the point of the hull in which ship actually turns approx 1/3 length of the ship
    piviot point.
  134. the amount of distance the ship travels when changing direction 180 degrees measured from the point the ship steadies on the opposite course
    turning circle
  135. using the north pole as a reference point
    true north
  136. bearing to an object using the bow as a reference, clock method
    relative bearing
  137. in a head on situation who is the give way ship
    bot ships are required to turn starboard
  138. in a crossing situation who is the stand on vessel?
    the vessel that sees the staboard side of the other vessel
  139. The vessel that maintains course and speed.
    Stand on
  140. the vessel that changes course to avoid crossing in from of the stand on vessel
    give way
  141. lights for special operations (UNREP)
    • red
    • white
    • red
  142. lights for man overboard
    red over red on mast flashing 1 per second
  143. lighst for not under command
    red over red on the mast
  144. lights for aground
    normal anchor lights red over red
  145. day shape for vessel at anchor
    1 black ball
  146. day shape for vessel not under command
    2 black balls
  147. day shape for restricted maneuverability
    • ball
    • diamond
    • ball
  148. day shape for vessel aground
    3 black balls
  149. day shape for constrained by draft
  150. refueling/ammo handling flag
  151. personnel recall flag
  152. SOPA flag
    starboard flag
  153. personnel recall flag
  154. boat recall flag
    quebec flag
  155. flag for divers in the water
    code alpha flag
  156. personnel working aloft flag
  157. HERO Flag
    lima flag
  158. Ready to receive ship alongside
  159. man overboard flag
  160. what are the three types of low visibilty sound signals
    • whistle (bridge)
    • bell (Fwd)
    • gong (fantail) (aground)
  161. how do you sound the whistle while under power in low visibility
    • 2 blasts
    • not more than 2 min intervals
  162. instrument used to measure distance to an object of a know height.
  163. instrument used to measure angles. celestial navigation
  164. Timepieces used as the ship's official clocks.
  165. How many Chornometers do we have onboard and where are they located.
    • 3
    • chart house
  166. A compass that points toward the north pole. displays true direction.
  167. What is the purpose of dead reckoning?
    • used to look out ahead, to see if your track will cross over any hazards
    • also used to determine set and draft
  168. in charge of the ship and is responsible to the CO for her safe and proper operation. This includes navigation, ship handling, communications, routine test inspections, reports, supervision of the watch and carrying out the POD
  169. works directly for the OOD and is responsible for the movement of the ship. Only one authorized to give helm orders to the helmsman and lee helmsman
    conning officer
  170. responsible to the OOD that the lookouts be well trained and keep a proper watch on the seas and air/.
  171. Also called the steersman, normally assigned from weapons or deck dept. steers courses perscribed by the conning officer.
  172. stands watch in the engine order telegraph on the bridge and rings up the conning officers orders to the engines ensuring all bells are correctly answered.
    lee helmsman
  173. assigned from navigation dept. maintains the ships log and assists the OOD in navigational matters including changes of weather and the movement of shipping.
  174. used to measure atmospheric pressure, warns of approaching bad weather or indicates approaching good weather.
  175. used to measure temp and dew point
  176. lighting panel used to control underway running lights.
    telltale panel
  177. give example of orders given by conning officer to helmsman
    • right full rudder
    • left full rudder
  178. used to relay speed orders information between the bridge and main control. Operated by lee helmsman
    Engine order telegram
  179. what alarms are on the bridge and their colors.
    • collision (yellow)
    • CBR (Green)
    • General (Red)
  180. how many unrep stations does the ship have? where are they located?
    • 10
    • 4 refueling stations
    • (2 FWD Port/STBD and 2 AFT Port/STBD)
    • 6 Replenishment stations
    • (2 on 03 level on the front porch port/STBD)
    • (2 on the 03 level midship/port/STBD)
    • (2 on the 03 level Back Porch Port/STBD)
  181. Name personnel on a boat crew
    • coxswain
    • bow hook
    • stern hook
    • boat keeper
    • boat engineer
    • boat officer
  182. this person drives a small boat, responsible for personnell and responsible to the OOD and divo.
  183. This person is responsible to cast off the bow line and sea painter so the boat can get underway, should always have a fender ready to drop over the proper spot if a bump is unavoidable.
    Bow Hooks
  184. This person casts off the stern line before the bow hook casts off.
    stern hook
  185. Who gives order to cast off to bow and stern hook?
  186. This person resumes responsibility for care of the boat in the absence of the crew.
    Boat Keeper
  187. doe sthe boat officer assume the coxswains responsibilites if onboard a boat?
  188. how many utility boats (UB) are onboard. Describe them.
    • 2
    • holds 75 people
    • used as cargo and personnel carriers or heavy duty workboats.
  189. how many RHIB boats are onboard, describe them.
    • 2
    • 7 meters
    • holds 18 personnel
  190. how many PB boats do we have onboard? descirbe them.
    • 2 CO's gig/OMB
    • 10 meters
    • holds 24 personnel
  191. how many achors do we have onboard? describe them
    • 3 standard navy stockless
    • 2, 20 ton anchors on foc'sle
    • 1, 10 ton anchor on the fantail
  192. describe the ship's achor chain.
    • made out of die lock steel
    • 180 fathoms fwd (12 shots)
    • 150 fathoms aft (10 shots
    • 3.5"links fwd/3" links aft
    • same number of wires as shot wrapped around furthest colored shot.
  193. when the crwon of the anchor is resting on the bottom or the anchor is jst short of breaking out from the bottom
    short stay
  194. whe the crown is resting on the bottom and the chain is at 90 degree angle from the anchor to the ship
    up and down
  195. whe the crown of the anchor comes off the bottom as it is hauled aboard
    anchors aweigh
  196. there is something on the anchor that will prevent it from being housed.
    Fouled anchor
  197. anchor is caked with mud and debris which must be hosed off prior to hawsing anchor.
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