Vocabulary 15

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  1. anorexia nervosa
    refusal to eat because of a distorted body image and feeling of obesity.
  2. bulimia
    eating disorder characterized by ingestion of large amounts of food, followed by purging behavior such as induced vomiting or laxative abuse.
  3. complete protein food
    food containing all the essential amino acids.
  4. Dietary Reference Intakers
    a label for several terms that estimate nurtient needs; includes Recommended Dietary Allowance, Adequate Intake, Tolerable Upper Intake Level, and Estimated Average Requirement.
  5. essential amino acids
    amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained from foods.
  6. gynecologic age
    number of years since menarche (first menstrual period).
  7. heme iron
    iron obtained from meat, poultry, or fish sources; the form most usable by the body.
  8. incomplete protein food
    food that does not contain all the essential amino acids.
  9. kilocalorie
    a unit of heat used to show the energy value in foods, commonly called a calorie.
  10. lacto-ovovegetarian
    a vegetarian whose diet includes milk products and eggs.
  11. lactose intolerance
    inability to digest most dairy products because of a deficiency in the enzyme lactase.
  12. lactovegetarian
    a vegetarian whose diet includes milk products.
  13. nonheme iron
    iron obtained from plants and fortified foods.
  14. nutrient density
    quanity and quality of protein, vitamins, and mineral per 100 calories in foods.
  15. ovovegetarian
    a vegetarian whose diet includes eggs.
  16. pica
    ingestion of nonnutritive substances, such as laundry starch, clay, or ice.
  17. vegan
    a complete vegetairan who does not eat any animal products.
  18. vegetarian
    an individual whose diet consists wholly or mostly of plant foods and who avoids animal food sources.
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