Mental Health Nursing

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  1. Admission Criteria
    • 1. Imminent danger of harming self
    • 2. Imminent danger of harming others
    • 3. Unable to care for basic needs, placing individual at imminent risk of harming self
  2. Clinical pathway
    A written plan or “map” identifying predetermined times that specific nursing and medical interventions will be implemented.
  3. Codes
    Psychiatric emergencies
  4. Elopement
    Escape or leave a psychiatric treatment facility without medical authorization or recommendation
  5. Managed behavioral health care organizations (MBHOs)
    Managed care plans that developed separately from medical services to provide mental health and substance-abuse treatment
  6. Managed care plans
    Care plans that provide members with a list of health care providers they may visit and then either cover the entire cost or collect co-pays from members
  7. Mental health parity
    Recognition by health insurance companies that mental illnesses are as debilitating and in need of proper treatment as physical illnesses
  8. Milieu
    The physical and social environment of an individual
  9. Multidisciplinary treatment plan
    A plan developed with input from a diverse group of health care professionals (nurse, social workers, psychologists, physicians)
  10. Psychiatric case management
    A program that coordinates services for individual patient care
  11. Psychosocial rehabilitation
    The development of the skills necessary for a person with chronic mental illness to live independently
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