Botany, Chapter 5, roots

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  1. 4 function of roots



  2. (Function of roots) Anchorage
    -support (tree)

    -prop roots (corn)

    -attach to wall (ivy)
  3. (Function of roots) Conduction
    -move materials

    -move water and nutrients (via xylem tissue)

    -move sugars (via Phloem tissue)
  4. (Function of roots) Absorbtion
    -absorb water from soil using root hairs

    -absorb water from the air, some plants (aerial roots)

    -absorb air (Pneumotophores)
  5. Pneumotophores
    plants with roots in water, absorbs air
  6. (Function of roots) Storage
    -stores starch (amyloplasts)

    - water
  7. 3 Basic root types
    - tap roots

    -Fibrous roots

    -Adventitious roots
  8. (root types) Tap Roots
    • -it starts off with one central root
    • *Anchorage
    • * growing deep for water
    • * becomes diffuse with "feeder roots"
    • ex) dicots
  9. (root types) Fibrous
    -many equal sized roots

    * Anchorage

    * Water collection
  10. (root types) Adventitious roots (secondary roots)
    -develop from another part of the plant

    ex) from stem cuttings
  11. 4 Parts of the root
    - Epidermis

    - Cortex

    - Endodermis

    -Vascular Cylinder
  12. (Parts of roots) Epidermis
    -outermost layer

    • -root hairs
    • * increases surface area
    • *water absorbtion
    • *delicate
  13. (Parts of roots) Cortex
    - between epidermis and vascular cylinder

    - storage: water and starch
  14. (Parts of roots) Endodermis
    -innermost layer of cortex

    - Caspirian strip (waxy suberin)

    -forces water to move into cells
  15. (Parts of roots) Vascular cylinder
    - central part of root

    -looks different in dicot and monocot
  16. 3 parts of the Vascular cylinder
    - pericycle


  17. (Parts of vascular cylinder) Pericycle
    -just inside the endodermis

    -cell division forms lateral or branch root
  18. (Parts of vascular cylinder) Xylem
    -conducts water/nutrients

    "Dicots form a cross with arms, Monocots form a ring of circles"
  19. (Parts of vascular cylinder) Phloem
    -conducts sugars

    "dicots between arms of Xylem"
  20. Cross section of dicot
    Image Upload 1
  21. Cross section of monocot
    Image Upload 2
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